Friday, 28 September 2012

My Double Digit Daughter!

Flashback Friday 

My little Kizzy is just a few days away from her tenth birthday.  My little ray of sunshine is turning into a real young lady.  I watched her walk into school this morning.  She is a good 6-12" taller than the majority of her peers with an inner confidence that allows her to stand tall.  

As ever, when a birthday is imminent, I can't help but reminisce about the years gone by and I've enjoyed pouring over the photographs of Kezia taken since her birth in October 2002.


Kizzy was the willful little baby that came into the world so fast that her dad missed her being born.  While she was making her appearance, Ian was on a motorbike from Birmingham oblivious to his daughter's arrival! She was a dream baby.  Calm and content.


At 2 she was an adventurous little soul with a zest for life and a cheeky sense of humour.  Shortly after this photo was taken on the London Eye, she squeezed an entire tube of suntan cream all over herself after sneaking it out of my handbag.

When she was 3 she used to tell me elaborate stories about her life before she was born!  She used to say that she missed her old family.  She told me that she lived before in 'French-Africa' where she ate Crocodile Soup.  She also said that she and  her parents were killed by a friend they owed money to and that she went up into the sky where she searched for the right family to be born into.  When she found me she flew into my tummy because I was just right.  Her stories were so descriptive and detailed I did wonder if my baby girl's soul had previously existed in another person.  It was pretty spooky for a toddler to be telling these tales of a past life.  Whether there was a paranormal element to her past life memories, or whether my little girl had an extraordinary imagination, I'm very, very glad that I got to be her new mummy!


At 4 she was developing her own sense of style and loved her hair clips, pretty clothes and her floral  afghan coat.  Her Great Grandma called Kizzy her "little star" as her personality shone so brightly.  She was such a loving little girl with an empathy beyond her years.


At 5, my little school girl became a popular member of her class at her new school and wowed the teachers with her imagination when it came to story writing.  She looked so cute in her school uniform. 


My 8 year old was growing up fast and taking her new Junior School by storm. Her confidence increased and her sense of humour developed, making her one of the most entertaining kids I've ever known.  She took to her role as big sister to Freddy beautifully and their relationship has blossomed over the years so that Freddy adores her.  She is like another 'little mummy' to him.


Now almost ten, Kizzy is a fabulous young lady.  A great big sister to Freddy and a brilliant little sister to her older siblings who all love her to bits.  She is an amazing daughter and we marvel at how mature she is and enjoy how much fun she is.  She is always so helpful and so eager to involve herself in everything we do.  She's a joy.  She might be messy and she might procrastinate at bedtime, but other than that she is no trouble at all.  She has been a model daughter...long may it continue.  She talks to me about everything and I hope that this openness and honesty lasts so I can help her through the years to come.  I count myself extremely blessed to have all my children.  They are my world.


This weekend we are off for a girlie shopping day with lunch at Costa.  She wants clothes for her birthday and we'll be picking out some lovely things for her Winter wardrobe.  She also wants pierced ears but I'm holding out on that one (due to my extreme allergy to metals).  

Happy Birthday to my awesome ten year old daughter!  You make me proud every single day.



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