Sunday, 9 September 2012

Brothers #Project 52

Yesterday we visited Joe and Jade in Northampton.  We took a car boot load full of stuff for the new baby and had a look at all the things they have packed away ready for the baby's arrival.  I even got to feel my little grandson kick which was wonderful!  

But the thing that made the visit so special was seeing the relationship between Freddy and his big brother.  From the moment we first saw Joe, Freddy ran up to him and Joe swept him up into his arms for a massive hug.  

They enjoyed playing on Joe's iPhone together and playing in the garden.  My boys have a lovely bond and however long it is between visits just doesn't matter as the time melts away in an instant.  Joe will be a wonderful dad to his new baby and Freddy will be a fabulous uncle to his little nephew.  I look forward to that new and exciting phase in our family dynamic.

Seeing my boys together and seeing their sibling bond was especially poignant yesterday as it was the 17th anniversary of my eldest sister's death.  I was so close to my sister.  She was my confidante and I trusted her more than anyone.  I've been thinking about her so much at the moment and missing having her in my life more than ever.  I will never stop thinking about her.

With Joe's impending wedding and the arrival of his first baby at Christmas, I know my sister would have been a big part of the proceedings.  Losing her has left a big hole in all our lives.  

However, I am so blessed with my five beautiful children, my future daughter-in-law and grandson, my absolute hero of a husband and my own parents, who I treasure.

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