Monday, 3 September 2012

Exciting New Honey From New Zealand

Flavoured Manuka Honey From New Zealand Honey Co.

When the cough and cold season descends, my family's favourite natural remedy is honey.  Whether it is eaten by the spoonful or put into a hot cup of juice, its healing properties and soothing consistency works wonders in making everyone feel better naturally.

We were recently asked to try some flavoured Manuka Honey from the New Zealand Honey Co.  The 100% pure honey is given an exciting addition of root ginger or lemon to create a whole new taste sensation.

The Manuka Honey with Lemon has a zesty zing and is packed with vitamin C.  This is a perfect addition to our store cupboard essential making it even better for you if you want a medicinal hot honey and lemon juice drink when the cold germs do their rounds once the kids are back at school!  The honey is smooth and fresh tasting, with the sweetness offset by the citrus kick.  It is perfect to add to smoothies, salad dressings and desserts.  Not only is it delicious it has the health benefits to put a spring in your step!  When used as a sweetener, honey boasts lower GI properties as well as a host of other health giving benefits as it is antibiotic, pre-biotic and an antioxidant, making it a much healthier option.

I love root ginger with its warming properties and depth of spicy flavour.  Combining it with pure honey creates a combination of distinct flavours that call out for experimentation.  Perfect to give you a boost when added to a hot juice drink or even spread on bread, the honey is rich, warming and intense.  It is an interesting ingredient for culinary usage, lending itself to oriental cookery, marinades and dressings to add real depth to a dish.  My husband declared the Manuka Honey with Root Ginger a real triumph and will definitely be warding off germs with its immune boosting powers!

I will definitely be using some of the flavoured honey to add a twist to some of my favourite baking recipes.  Making Honey Cake or biscuits using the flavoured honey will definitely add something extra special!  

For information and inspiration take a look at the website at

The Manuka Flavoured Honey costs £9.99 RRP.  The New Zealand Honey Co products are available from Asda, Waitrose, Holland and Barrett and Morrisons.


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