Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Shrine To The Boy I Fancied In My English Class

Mellow Mummy is asking us to post about those things in our lives that fill us with pride and give us that "I made this" feeling!

I am not the best at making things.  I can't sew or knit.  I am a rubbish gardener.  I am not someone who excels at crafts.  I'm not arty.  My cooking is competent but not really worthy of bragging about.  My decorating and home making leave a lot to be desired.  The only amazing things I've ever 'made' are my five wonderful children!

So, for my 'I Made This' post I am choosing something that I made that has a bit of a story behind it, which makes me smile whenever I look at it!

When I was 15 and at secondary school I signed up for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  (I only did this to get out of the Friday afternoon Games lessons!)  One of the activities that I did was pottery.  As I previously mentioned, I am not one of those naturally artistic types.  I was not blessed with any natural flair when it comes to being creative.  So when we had to decide what we were going to make, all I could think of was making a shrine to the boy that I fancied in my English class!  It certainly was a more elaborate way of externalising my affections than by writing his initials on my rough book!

So I made a slab pot which had his initials (I.M.D.) cut into the design.  A snake was wrapped around the outside of the structure which added an air of danger and mystery to my creation and paid homage to the rock/punk music scene that I favoured at the time. It was glazed and fired.  My creation became a "shrine to the boy I fancied in my English class".

clay pot, modelling, pottery, slab pot

28 years later, the "shrine to the boy I fancied in my English class" sits on the windowsill of the bedroom that I share with that very same boy that I fancied in my English class.  You see, that boy grew up into the man I married.  Five kids and 15 years of marriage later we are still blissfully happy that my first love turned out to be my Mr.Right!  My clay slab pot is a reminder of our history, our shared past and our time as teenagers at school.

I have kept this pot for years, moving it from house to house.  I even kept it during the years immediately after school when our paths diverged and we lost touch.  It's like I always knew that Ian was the man for me!  It makes me smile when I look at it, knowing that I made it so long ago.  That girl who made this shrine was at the beginning of her journey and her life took lots of twists and turns along the way.  But in the end, she ended up exactly where she was meant to be with the man she always loved!

To know I made this, proves to me that my life is exactly how it was intended to be!

I'm tagging Bloggomy and Emma and 3 , No Discernible Talent and The Crazy Kitchen (because I'm hoping she posts more pictures of the amazing cakes she has made).

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