Sunday, 23 September 2012

Trampolining For Little People

As the days of good weather get fewer and further between, the opportunity for enjoying the outdoors is getting a much more precious commodity.  Whenever the rain abates, Freddy is eager to go and play in his garden and his favourite activity is trampolining.

We have had the trampoline for a couple of years now and Fred has been bouncing on it ever since he was first able to walk.  He is a bit of a natural with great balance and confidence.  His latest trick is the perfected seat drop.  He has copied his sisters and uses his arms to propel himself back onto his feet in one impressive move.  I tried to catch a seat drop on camera but he was too quick for me.  Instead I got lots of before or after shots, each one with an etched look of concentration on Fred's little face!

I love that he is getting fresh air and exercise and having loads of fun. The trampoline has been worth its cost ten times over for all the play value it has given my kids!  

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