Friday, 21 September 2012

Flashback Friday

It's Friday and I'm flashing back to 2006 and a holiday to Centre Parcs in the Lake District.    I really like the fact that the kids get to do activities that they have never tried before when we holiday there.  Ella had a go at quad biking which she loved.  Driving around the muddy course was messy but fun, and she did a great job!  It's hard to believe that in six months time she'll be applying for her provisional driver's licence and taking to the roads for real!

centre parcs

quad bikes, Centre Parcs

Centre parcs

Kizzy was just four when she got to ride on a little pony called Domino.  She was so desperate to get up into the little saddle and held on so tightly as the pony walked along the path.  She loved it and was a natural.

Centre Parcs

pony trekking, centre parcs

I even had a go at the giant zip wire while we were there...but sadly there is no photographic evidence of my epic zip through the trees.  I still remember having to overcome my multiple fears as I climbed the tower and jumped from the small platform, putting my life in the hands of the harness that attached me to the wire!  It was exhilarating and I felt a real achievement having faced my fears.  The older kids also had a go and put me to shame with their bravery!

I definitely need to do a few more adrenaline rushing activities in the near future, as an a escape from the mundane and as a reminder of what it feels like to live on the edge!!



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