Thursday, 13 September 2012

Making Bath Time Fun!

Bath Time With Ben 10 and Nemo

H&A are leading specialists in the field of children's toiletries, producing fun products that are sensitive to children's delicate skin.  The products are hypo-allergenic, mild and suitable for ages 3 and up, but best of all are based on some of the best loved children's characters which will guarantee a fun bath time for little fans!

We were sent a selection of Ben 10 and Finding Nemo products for the kids to try out.

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We loved the colourful eye-catching packaging on the Ben 10 products which promise to bring an exciting alien invasion to bath times!  The Ben 10 Super Charged Bath Bombs come in test-tube shaped containers making them look very intriguing!  They turn your bath tub into an alien laboratory for colourful experiments.  Each of the three varieties fizz up and turn the bath water a different shade.  Getting clean has never been such fan for Ben 10 fans!  The Orb Magic Facecloths come in Heatblast and Spidermonkey designs.  The soft, high quality flannels are packed into balls and magically expand after being soaked in the water.  The Bath and Shower Gel makes loads of bubbles and is gentle and moisturising.  It has a gentle fragrance and kids will love washing in the alien foam!

The design of the Finding Nemo products is simply lovely bringing an undersea adventure to bath time.  The cute characters are so appealing and the kids will have a whale of a time splashing in the tub.  The Squashy Bath Squirter Nemo is a big hit with Freddy!  Children can squirt water in the bath and on themselves, building water confidence and adding fun to bath time.  But grown-ups will get wet!  The Magic Facecloth comes in a Nemo or Squirt design and expand into a lovely soft cloth that encourages washing.  The Bath and Shower Gel lathers up a treat creating gentle, playful  bubbles to bathe in.  The bottle features a swimming Nemo effect which is really cute.  The kids loved it!

Having a gel that is suitable for both the bath and the shower is good for the older kids who have progressed to showering but still enjoy the fun of character merchandise.  Kizzy was pleased to take her own Nemo bottle into the shower with her and said she liked the smell and the fact that it was so bubbly on her skin.

The Finding Nemo Bath and Shower Gel is available in Morrisson's at £2.00 for 500ml; the Squirter is £4.00 at Tesco and the Facecloths are £2 from Morrison's and Tesco.

The Ben 10 Bath Bombs are £1.25 in Sainsbury's; the Orbs are £2.00 from Sainsbury's, Boots and Asda and the Bath gel is £2.00 from Sainsbury's and Asda.

These are lovely bath products that would make great stocking fillers at Christmas for boys and girls (for anyone planning ahead!!)

H & A have a whole host of toiletries featuring favourite characters.  Find out more at


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