Thursday, 6 September 2012

Moo and Baa Tack Zap from HABA

HABA is a German company renowned for its fantastic quality wooden toys.  Freddy was delighted to be sent a lovely Moo and Baa Tack Zap game to try out, and was eager to get stuck in!

haba, wooden toys, tack zap

Tack Zap is a beautifully crafted kit that consists of wooden pieces, tacks, hammer and cork board for little ones to create their own masterpieces.  The 45 cute and colourful animal and scenery pieces have a hole in them for the tack to go through, pinning it to the board.

At first I was worried about the combination of toddlers and sharp, metal tacks!  However, I was impressed with Fred's ability to use the little wooden hammer to bang the tacks through the animal shapes.  He was very dextrous and enjoyed making a picture, naming the objects as he went along.

The set is suitable for boys and girls aged 3 and over.  Freddy was perfectly able to play on his own (whilst I was close by just in case of a hammer/tack emergency!)  The characters are so appealing with their soft, pastel colouring.  They feature in a whole range of wooden toys from HABA.

After seeing how well he got on, I really like that this set uses real tools giving Freddy a chance to learn skills at a young age. He really enjoyed playing with this craft set and was very proud of his finished masterpiece!

Check out the HABA website to see more beautiful wooden toys and furniture.



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