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Deadly 60 and Ruckus from Imagination Games

 Deadly 60 Tracker Board Game and Ruckus Family Edition Reviewed

Deadly 60, Ruckus

Deadly 60 is a BBC TV show featuring wild animals which are rated by the presenter as to how deadly they are.  Kizzy loves it so was very excited at the prospect of Imagination bringing out a series of Deadly 60 games.
Available from Tesco and Amazon the range consists of:

Deadly 60 Board Game - £19.99 RRP
Deadly 60 Trivia Box - £7.99 RRP
Deadly 60 Ruckus - £4.99 RRP

We were sent the Tracker board game to try out.  The aim of the game is to track down three of the deadly animals.  You have to race around the board collecting essential items like medical equipment, strength and trek supplies as required by your chosen animal card.  Risk cards pose a potential hazard to the mission and the dice have to be thrown to see if luck is on your side.When all the items have been collected the player has to throw the dice and has 30 seconds to throw higher than the animal's tracking number to successfully track it. If you fail it is back to base camp to start again.

BBC Earth, Imagination

The game is for 2+ players aged 8 and over.  It is quite straightforward to play and teaches children about the incredible animals, featuring deadly facts about them and a full colour picture on the card.  Fans of the Deadly 60 TV show and animal lovers will really enjoy this game.  Trying to score enough to successfully track the animal is the most exciting part of the game and is quite tense!  It is definitely a great family board game that will be enjoyed by all.

Deadly 60

Ruckus is a game that comes in different themes.  There is a Deadly 60 version, but we were sent the Family Edition of Ruckus.

Imagination Games

The game consists of 54 cards featuring funny characters such as Roller Rex, Macho Macho and Rock Monster.  The idea is to collect sets to win points.  You can steal from other players in this fast paced and ferocious card game.  Sets are made and stolen until the final card is played so the winner is not decided until the last minute as players make a real ruckus.

You steal cards by placing a matching card from your hand onto another player's set.  There is a lot of matching and stealing in the game and a lot of shouting! 

The game is for ages 8 and up and for 2+ players.  As it is a self-contained card game, it is perfect for travelling.  Ruckus would also be a great stocking filler if you are thinking of Christmas shopping already!

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