Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bespoke Leather Wristbands from Wayveband

 If You Have Teenagers You'll Love Wayveband

The obsession with wristbands and teenagers is a growing trend.  They really wear their hearts on their sleeves to support favourite causes, bands or events.  Now they can add to their collection with their own  unique wristbands thanks to the innovation of one mum who wanted to get high quality, personalised wristbands for her sons and their friends.  Using recycled leather and a printer that can reproduce designs accurately onto the band, Wayveband allows you to get creative and design your own bespoke leather wristbands online.

There are a loads of different colours, designs and fonts to make a unique statement.  You can add text, photos, logos and patterns.  Images can be tiled across the band.  The bands can be fastened using a stud or a leather thong and worn individually or stacked making them really versatile.

From party prizes, invitations, VIP access bands, save the date reminders, wedding favours, club mementoes, school leavers' gifts,  love tokens to Christmas gifts, the possibilities for using Wayvebands are endless.  How about getting your blog details printed onto one?  More memorable than a business card!!

I was offered the chance to try one.  The website is really user friendly and the scope for personalisation is massive!  The colour, font and size of the text can be adjusted.  Images can be added and the colour of the band can be chosen from a huge range of hues.  I had fun just playing with the website!  But being the generous mother that I am, I let Ella create a band for herself.  She chose to use a life affirming quote from her favourite author John Green, choosing the colours and the font that she wanted.

It arrived quickly, boxed and impressively mounted onto cardboard packaging.  It looked really great and would definitely be a really lovely present for anyone. I was impressed with the quality.  The printing is perfect and the fastening options are very good.

I love that she can wear this band and see her favourite book quote whenever she needs a fix of John Green to get her through the day.  It also looks really cool.

Ella was delighted with her unique, John Green wristband and made a lot of excited noises in the way that only 16 year olds can!  She is going to post photos of it on her Tumblr and also email John Green with an image so other fans can see it.  It is truly a great product that she absolutely loves.  I can see her wanting more Wayvebands featuring more quotes, song lyrics and other things that are important to her!

The pricing is really competitive compared even to other similar unpersonalised  items.  Text bands are just £7 and Single Image Bands are £9.  Pre-made patterned bands are £5 and plain bands just £3.  Generous discounts are applied to bulk orders so, for instance, if you wanted 200+ indentical bands you would get a massive 70% discount.  That would be perfect for a wedding memento or a school fundraiser.

A Wayveband would make an excellent stocking filler for older kids and teens.  It's definitely a personalised gift that will be hugely appreciated!


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