Friday, 14 September 2012

Fun Times With The Family

Mattel Fun Times Junior Scrabble Review 

With all the technology available to us in our daily lives, traditional board games can often take a back seat when it comes to entertaining the family.  Mattel is looking at ways to fit them back into the family schedule as a way of getting the family together.

Modern life is often hectic but if we put aside as little as 20 minutes, we can get together with the kids and enjoy a fun and fast paced board game.  The Mattel Fun Times range include games that are easy to play, simple to understand and quick to set up and tidy away.  The range is ideal for family fun, or is equally good for the children to enjoy together.  Either way these games fit in with today's lifestyle.

We are being sent some of the range of the Fun Times games to test out.  It is easy to dedicate a half hour to family gaming if you issue a technology ban!  No TV, DS, Mobile Phone, Twitter or Facebook addiction is allowed to interfere!!  The family can sit down together and just enjoy one of life's simple pleasures.  It is an opportunity to do something as a family, to engage with each other in a fun way, to help little ones learn how to share, take turns and join in and also instill the idea that winning is not the be all and end all of every activity!  

Junior Scrabble 

This is the first game we have had to try out together.  I am a big fan of the adult version and pride myself at being pretty deadly when armed with my letter tiles!   The Junior version is a good introduction to the joys of Scrabble for children aged 5 and up.  The double sided board game allows for two versions of the game to be played, each aimed at different levels of ability.  The 84 letter tiles store neatly into a drawstring bag.

Level 1 Words and Pictures

The colourful board includes picture prompts alongside the space for the word to be made using the letter tiles.  Some letters are printed to help children spell the words and increase their confidence when playing the game.

Players have a hand of five tiles and put down two at a time on one of the spaces on the board.  Two new tiles are drawn from the bag.   They build up words a letter at a time using the pictures to work out the words.  If you complete a word you get a counter.  Player with the most counters wins.

Level 2 Colours and Counters

Older children can make their own words, laying down their tiles in a crossword fashion like in the adult version.  However, the scoring system is greatly simplified.  A point is rewarded for each letter in the word with bonus points added, two for crossing a blue square and three for a red square.

This game is not only good for exercising spelling and word skills, it helps out with counting skills too, as youngsters add up their own scores.

Kizzy was very good at the Level 2 game and I am worried about losing my Scrabble Crown very soon!

Junior Scrabble is a great introduction to the world of Scrabble.  It appeals to children with its brightly coloured board and simplified game play that is easy to understand.  Children can play at their own level which will help build their confidence.  Junior Scrabble really does make spelling and words fun and is a game that all the family can enjoy together, as parents support their child's learning.

RRP £17.99


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