Thursday, 23 August 2012


What do you get if you cross a cuddly blanket with a cute puppet?  A CuddleUpPet!

Freddy was sent one of Flair's new CuddleUpPets to try out.  The cuddly, snuggly blanket includes a puppet head which can be operated by the child in play, or by an adult as part of a bedtime routine with the friendly animal reading a bedtime story!

Our CuddleUpPet animal blanket is an elephant design.  The plush blue blanket is 28" x 39" and has a foot on each corner and a little tail as well as the fun, cartoon style, cuddly elephant head incorporated into the design.  The elephant himself looks a bit dozy but quite friendly!

Freddy instantly took to his new cuddly buddy.  He enjoyed snuggling under the blanket, making the puppet talk, cuddling the elephant like a toy and giving his trunk kisses!  It is perfect for snuggling under to watch TV.  He really loves his new toy as these photos show!

The CuddleUpPet can help make a bedtime routine for young children providing a favourite toy and cuddly blanket in one.  I think it would take more than this to get my son into a bedtime routine, even with its sleepy eyes and cosy snuggling potential.  However, it will make a good bedtime companion that can help a child feel comforted and confident at night-time.  

It also makes a great travel companion for taking in the car.  Freddy loves having a blanket in his car seat so his new elephant CuddleUpPet is just perfect for that job.

The puppet element of the CuddleUpPet adds a new dimension of interactivity.  Fred loved it when I made his elephant 'talk' to him and he quickly worked out how to do it himself.  Although his hands are a bit too small to control the mouth, he was perfectly happy making the whole head move and interacted with his furry friend in some imaginative pretend play.

It is a real novel idea to combine a toy and a blanket to provide cuddles, comfort and fun in one.  Freddy definitely has given it a big thumbs up!

CuddleUpPets are just £19.99


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