Wednesday, 8 August 2012

RM At Home...Learning Made Easy!

During the Summer Holidays, some children experience a learning dip when everything they learned during the Summer term is forgotten over the long six weeks.  Parents can help with this by helping to consolidate their children's learning with fun activities that the children will enjoy.  This 'learning through play' can be continued all year long to help keep young minds active, giving children a love of learning.

RM At Home is a company that provides a range of products that have been tried and tested by teachers, children and parents, to help support children’s learning at home and lets them have fun whilst doing it. Available from in the following categories is:

Numeracy: evidence shows our numeracy skills in the UK lag behind other nations (source: OECD) and many parents lack confidence when it comes to helping their children. The RM At Home numeracy products help address the issue by making maths fun and interactive, while enabling children to grasp core mathematical concepts.

Extra Help: one in five children in the UK has some form of special educational need (SEN) or needs additional support (source: DfE data).  There is often a delay between a parent first recognising developmental challenges and receiving a diagnosis, during which time learning progress may stall.  At Home has categorised a number of products by observed behaviour – e.g. difficulty with speech and language, difficulty reading – that are designed to give parents the tools to help their children overcome these challenges.

Holidays, Rainy Days and ‘I’m Bored’ Days: Products to help maintain learning momentum during holidays so children don’t experience a ‘learning dip’.  Also great for rainy days and general ‘I’m bored days’.  At Home offers a range of exciting, interactive, and challenging products to keep children pin-sharp and on track, even when they are not at school.
Sensory room: enables children with more severe special educational needs to benefit from immersive and sensory play at home.

Educational Gifts: a range of offers high quality and entertaining educational gifts, ideal for those who want to buy something worthwhile rather than adding to the ‘toy mountain’.

We were sent some fun, educational toys to try out for ourselves from The Reaction Skills Set which is an exciting set that supports the learning of PE at KS1, 2 and 3.  One of the items included was this Cannon Stomp which fires out balls when stamped on!  The scope for agility training, improving reaction times and target practice is endless with so many options for fun and engaging games.  

RM At Home

We also received some differently sized knobbly Reaction Balls.  They head off in all directions when thrown but do stop still and don't roll away making them easy to chase.  Freddy loved them!  Even though he is only just 3 he is great at throwing and catching and these balls are so much easier to handle than a smooth, round ball.  There were four 6cm balls and a large 20cm ball.  There was also a Catchtail Ball which makes playing catch a lot of fun.  The tail helps children see the ball as it flies through the air and gives extra catching possibilities!  These toys help children gain confidence in sports...perfect for some fun, Olympic themed games!!

play, fun
Fred getting physical with his RM At Home toys!

The RM At Home is full of ideas for supporting your child's learning with products that offer fun activities for both indoors and outdoors.  So whether you are a home-schooler, or just want to support your child's learning, it is a great place to look for resources and inspiration.


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