Friday, 10 August 2012

Enjoy a Summer Playcation!

Get Outdoors With The Kids This Summer

Recent findings have discovered that 68% of family time is sedentary with TVs and technology entertaining the family whilst sat down on the sofa!  Ironically, this summer's Olympics is creating even more sedentary behavior as many of us tune in to watch the sporting endeavours of Team GB, whilst sat on our behinds!

However, 30% of parents surveyed expressed a desire to be more active as a family although 32% worry about the expense of participating in sporting activities.  Help is at hand as Argos, the UK's number one toy retailer has teamed up with TV presenter and exercise enthusiast Laura Hamilton to create a Summer Playcation Guide full of games and tips.

There are some great ideas to inspire and equip parents to play outdoors with the kids this summer.  The ideas are all inexpensive, focusing on families getting up and getting out into the fresh air together to enjoy their Playcation!

When I was a child Hide and Seek, den building and playing in the fields opposite my home were favourite pastimes.  Nowadays, my own older  children prefer video games and social media!  But it's not too late to instill a love of playing outdoors together in their repertoire of things to do!  

Argos has a wide range of outdoor toys to suit all ages and budgets. They also stock Chad Valley which is a leading toy brand.  We have received a croquet set and two space hoppers to help us get sporty and active and enjoy our Playcation!

The Playcation Guide is available to download here.  It features three original games alongside a host of activity and toy suggestions. 

My favourite is the Rainbow Treasure Hunt where players have to hunt for items in the garden of every colour of the rainbow.  Perfect for even the youngest players!  Our Space Hoppers can be used in a game of Stop and Go where players have to bounce on the track without being spotted by the traffic light who is ready to turn round and spot them unless they stay completely still!

Five Top Tips for your Playcation

  • It doesn't have to take long.  Just 30 minutes is long enough for a quick game of swingball before dinner.
  • Reward sporting activity to motivate your family.  Simple printed certificates are great fun to receive.
  • Activities don't have to be expensive.  Argos sells over 800 toys from just £3.99.  Hide and Seek is free!
  • Get a big group get together.  Team games like rounders and football can be fun.  Change the rules to let little ones join in so no one feels left out.
  • Don't be put off by lack of space.  Fun can be had in the smallest space.  If you want a bigger area, head off to the local park.

Freddy loves his garden and has enjoyed testing out the Croquet Set he received to try out.  Not only did he enjoy knocking the balls through the hoops, he also had fun throwing the balls and using the colourful mallet as an imaginary magic wand.  With a bit of imagination everyone can have fun outdoors!

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