Thursday, 2 August 2012

On Site With My 1st JCB

My 1st JCB On Site play sets from Golden Bear combine construction and role play for pre-schoolers who get to complete important tasks with their favourite JCB characters.  The chunky sets from Golden Bear are robust and  loaded with kid appeal!

JCB, toddlers

The On Site Charlie Crane Set includes Joey, everyone's favourite JCB!  He is ready and waiting to collect the barrels that Charlie Crane is picking up with his giant claws and dropping down the chute.  Charlie has to be careful not to knock down the collapsible wall as he works.  A JCB garage, a giant turn table and the office, where the crane operator can oversee the job at hand, are part of the play set offering lots of scope for imaginative play.  Charlie says seven different phrases with the touch of a button and has a wind up, gripping claw so is very interactive.

The On Site Rock Loader Set includes Doug the Dump Truck.  He must deliver rocks from the excavation site up the chute and into the hopper where they are stored ready to drop and be taken away.  The control panel is up a ladder for the workman to use.

Both sets work together making an action packed and exciting construction site for budding little builders to explore.  Freddy was lucky enough to be sent them both to try out and he really loved putting them through their paces!

JCB, On Site, toys

Both sets need to be put together and have the stickers put onto them, but full instructions are included.  Once built, they are very sturdy and solid and look great.  There are lots of things to explore and both sets include one workman and a vehicle to add to the play value.  The Crane Set includes a wall that can be built up like a jigsaw puzzle and knocked down by the swinging jaws of the crane.

Charlie Crane requires two AAA batteries (which are not included) which enables him to say phrases to add to the play value.  Other than that, everything else is kid powered!  The sets are fully compatible with existing JCB products so the fun can just keep building.

I love these sets.  The branding is brilliant.  The size, durability and solidity of the sets are superior to many others on the market. The are brightly coloured and look great.  The faces of the characters are just so appealing.  Little hands develop fine motor skills with the interactive features and pretend play is promoted by these imaginative toys.  Freddy really enjoyed role playing with the little workman and the vehicles.  He enjoyed transporting the rocks and the barrels and whizzed the vehicles up and down the slopes.  He had a lot of fun with the two playsets.

JCB, Golden Bear

The On Site Charlie Crane Play Set is £34.99 (RRP) and the On Site Rock Loader Play Set is £24.99 (RRP).  They are available to buy alongside other toys in the JCB range at


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