Monday, 20 August 2012

Have A Feel Good Summer With Ecover

It was blisteringly hot in Henley this weekend,  as we headed off to the Rewind festival as guests of Ecover.  Throughout the summer, Ecover have been bringing their Feel Good brand of entertainment to festivals across the nation.  We went to take a look at what was going on!

The Feel Good Summer area included a funky tented area where dance workshops were taking place throughout the day.  Teaching moves such as the Moonwalk and the zombie dance from Thriller, festival goers were able to hone their moves ready for the day ahead.  Yoga classes gave revellers the chance to chill out after a night of 80's style partying!

The children were kept entertained by a giant grafitti area where they could colour in the huge letters that spelled out ECOVER!  It was a very popular activity and Ella added her own artwork to it.
Ecover's Feel Good Festival Fun
There were samples of Ecover's washing up liquid for everyone.  Free from nasties and using plant based ingredients, Ecover's products are gentle and effective for perfect Feel Good cleaning.

Throughout the days, the Ecover team were busy photographing people who visited them to put on their Facebook wall.  You can then tag yourself to win prizes!  They had props so you could dress up with a mop and a wig for added fun!  There was also a great prize draw that you could enter.  There are also a lot of prizes up for grabs on their website at The Splash, as well as lots of fun too!

Being Snapped For The Ecover Facebook Page

Check out Ecover on Facebook and see what Feel Good fun they have planned for the rest of the summer.

Ella With One Of The Ecover Team

Feel Good Festival Fun!


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