Monday, 20 August 2012

Kizzy's Cup Cakes Hit Asda!

My adorable mini-baker Kizzy has had her Jungle Jumble Cupcakes officially launched in Asda stores.  She is thrilled with the packaging that shows a photo of her on the front and back alongside a host of cute animal characters   It is brilliant seeing her face on a product on the supermarket shelf!

She entered and won the Fabulous Baking Boys Mini Baker competition earlier this year and went on to enjoy a VIP visit to the factory where she oversaw the development of her cakes and enjoyed a tour around the production plant.  She has been kept informed with every stage of the process and now her cakes are on sale at Asda stores.

Fabulous Bakin Boys

Last week Kizzy visited our local Asda store as a mini-celebrity!  She was joined by a Tiger and Elephant who were giving out her cakes to the children.  The press were there and Kizzy was photographed with her cakes.  Kizzy received lots of lovely comments from local shoppers and a few friends and family turned up to offer their support too.

Asda, cupcakes

cupcakes, Asda

I am so proud of my Mini-Baker and we have loads of supplies of Jungle Jumble cupcakes for her to give to her friends.  Keep an eye out in an Asda near you for my little girl's face on the cake box!  Just £1 a box.


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