Thursday, 23 August 2012

Great Stationery Ideas From Stabilo

With September fast approaching Kizzy is preparing her 'back to school' kit, so receiving a selection of items from Stabilo to try out, made her very happy indeed!  She loves stationery as her bulging pencil case will testify!

pens, back to school
Some of Stabilo's Stationery Products

When it comes to stationery, Stabilo produce some very funky and innovative items.  The Cappi Pens are quite ingenious.  They are felt tips with their lids attached to a clever ring which means you will never lose another pen lid again.  As losing lids is a favourite pastime in our house, this will help prevent the dilemma of dried out felts!  They cost £6.50 for a pack of 12.

Another clever idea is the Woody, a chunky 3 in 1 wooden pencil that is a colouring pencil, watercolour and crayon in one, that is perfect for little hands.  Freddy likes scribbling with it and the depth of colour is satisfyingly good on the page.  They are good first pencils for toddlers to encourage early writing skills.  They cost £8.00 for a box of six.

Stabilo also produce a range of ergonomic pens for left-handers which is a great idea.  My husband is a leftie and remembers struggling to write at school and smearing ink across his work in the process.  It is really good that there is now a solution to help left handers with their penmanship!

With handwriting pens, colourful fineliners and cute highlighters to pop into her pencil case, Kizzy will be well prepared for the new school term!

Stabilo Pens are available from Amazon, Cult Pens and other good stationery stockists.


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