Friday, 24 August 2012

The Sweeney O.S.T.

Sometimes You Have To Act Like A Criminal To Catch A Criminal

September 10th sees the launch of the CD of music from the new motion picture 'The Sweeney'.  I can remember the classic 70's cult cop show with its catchy theme tune and look forward to seeing how the new revamped, updated version starring Ray Winstone and the amazing Ben Drew aka Plan B compares.

Nick Love has directed the film so I am imagining a gritty portrayal of the police drama as the hardened police officer and his trusted sidekick tackle the crime ridden streets of London together.

I have been sent a copy of the music from the film which comprises of the original score composed and produced by Lornes Balfe who has most recently worked alongside famous film composer Hans Zimmer on Dark Knight Rises and Inception.

The score itself evokes the dark and gritty nature of the movie and brings to mind the modern city streets and the criminal underground of London.

The remixes of the Sweeney theme tune have been heavily influenced by Dubstep and Electro creating a very contemporary tracks giving a modern twist to a classic for a new generation.  John Legend and Katy B add vocals to two of the tracks Getting Nowhere and Crossover.

I was a bit disappointed not to see a Plan B original included in the soundtrack (I love that man) so I will instead look forward to seeing him acting as Carter to Ray Winstone's Regan!

The Tracklist

Opening Titles
Regan's Beginning
Country Surveillance
Put Your Trousers on, You're nicked!
Makin Talbot
Trafalgar Square
Fog Horns
You're Extinct
Couldn't Help Her
Regan Rebels
In Prison Out For Blood
Carter Solo
End Credits - Sweeney Remix
Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere
Magnetic Man - Crossover
Sweeney Theme - Dr P
Sweeney Theme - Barry Adamson

The film is out on general release from 12th September 2012


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