Sunday, 26 August 2012

Moshi Monsters Mini Memory Game

Ravensburger, Moshi Monsters

The Ravensburger Moshi Monsters Memory Game is a set of 48 high quality, laminated picture cards making 24 matching pairs featuring full colour images of the cute and quirky Moshi Monsters!

The game can be played to suit the ages and abilities of your children, using different numbers of paired cards.  With the cards face down, children take turns to turn them over two at a time to find the pairs. You can adapt the rules to suit who is playing or even play solo against the clock.

Playing The Moshi Monsters Memory Game

Freddy plays matching pairs games on the internet and I am always amazed at how good his memory is.  We started playing using 18 cards and he picked up what to do straight away.  It gets quite competitive!  I enjoy having a go myself to keep my brain working in my old age!

The game is for boys and girls aged 3-5 years old and helps develop their memory and observational skills as they match the pairs of monsters. However, it is enjoyed equally by older children and grown-ups alike.   Little ones will love the colourful pictures and enjoy matching up their favourite characters.  

It is really nice to see a game that is so simple, traditional and which requires no fancy gimmicks!  Yet it is bang up to date with the character choices available which will delight the kids.  It is great for all the family to play together. 

 The box is compact and sturdy making this a good game to take away on holiday or when visiting grandparents to keep little ones entertained.  The pieces are 5cm by 5cm and are made from thick laminated  card so will not bend or peel easily.

The designs available are Mike the Knight, Moshi Monsters, Thomas & Friends, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses.  


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