Thursday 23 August 2012

Clean Up Your Act With JooMo

A revolutionary new skincare product has been launched, which is challenging the natural skincare industry to clean up its act on misleading packaging and use of the word 'natural'.  JooMo Ltd, which has developed the first ever 100% truly natural face wash, has released industry research which shows most of the big name skin brands that claim to be natural are in fact far from it, with some ingredients which are also found in drain cleaner and others that have been linked to breast cancer.  The founders of Joomo, Nick Wallen and Linda Russell, embarked on an extensive campaign to identify and address this problem, coming up with a completely natural solution.  Using scientific and historical research including Chinese methods, JooMo is a completely safe, natural and effective face wash that helps repair damage, deals with problems and rebuilds skin's natural defences to prevent future allergies, infection and inflammation.  It contains a revolutionary skin care product, SaponinJ which consists of a specially balanced formula of Saponins, essential oils, sea salt, natural sugars, natural pH modifiers, antioxidants, softeners and emollients.

JooMo Face Wash comes in a very funky squeezy tube which makes it look great for the teen market.   It is aimed at youngsters (teens to twenties) with senstive skin, skin prone to spots, inflammation or soreness.  It is a face wash and moisturiser in one, and comes in a Honey and Orange variety.

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The wash itself has an amazing smell.  With hints of honey, orange and cinnamon it really does reflect its natural ingredients.  The orangey-brown gel like wash does not foam up, but feels rich and creamy against your skin.  It smells divine.  It rinses off well and leaves skin feeling clean without any tightness or irritation.  A little goes a long way so it will last well.

I have been testing the Joomo for about a while now and I think it is a really nice product (OK I know I am not in the teen to twenties age group but I wanted to test it for myself).  It feels so gentle and I've had no problems in that time.  Sometimes I get patches of dry skin around my chin area and sometimes even the occasional hormonal breakout...but so far so good!  I also suffer from psoriasis on my hands but have not had a flare-up, even though the weather has been really hot which is usually a trigger for it.

My skin feels really nice and I am reassured that this is completely natural.  Many big brand products do contain natural ingredients and plant extracts, but they also have unnatural, synthetic chemicals in them too.  The long term effect of putting these on your skin is not really known.  I love companies that strive to deliver a truly natural product.

I will happily let my girls use this product as I am sure that using harsh facial products on their skin is one of the reasons that teenagers can have skin problems. I will definitely be buying more.

For more information on this product and to buy it online, you can visit  A 100ml tube costs £4.75 with a flat rate postage of £2.50 for any number of items ordered.  The company's mission and ethos is quite inspirational.  The product is great.  What more needs to be said??!!


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