Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dizolve Washing Sheets - Revolutionising Laundry!

It is not often that a product comes along which makes me really wonder why on earth it hasn't been invented before!  New Dizolve Washing Sheets have made me do just that.  

This new laundry product has revolutionized the way we can wash our clothes.  No more heavy bottles of liquid and no more bulky and cumbersome boxes of  powder, tablets or liquitabs need to be bought, lugged home and stored.  Dizolve are super concentrated washing sheets that come in a super light and compact pack.  The impact of this design is beneficial to both my cupboard space and to the environment.  Up to 80% less packaging is used and the transportation requirements for the product are massively reduced meaning less lorries on the road.  

laundry, eco-friendly, washing

Each Dizolve sheet has the concentrated washing power to tackle a load of laundry.  The sheet pops straight  into the drum on top of the dirty washing and dissolves into the water during the washing cycle.  They smell really fresh and dissolve fully into the wash leaving no residue.  They are quick and easy to use, are mess free and work really well.  They are effective in both hot and cold water.  I use a 30 degree wash and they work perfectly at that temperature, making them kinder to the environment and to my pocket.

Dizolve, laundry

Dizolve are suitable for all types of machine.  They are powerful, consisting of 90% detergent concentrated into every convenient sheet.  The non-biological formula is kind to skin and to clothes.  They really are a trouble-free solution to laundry and a great alternative to traditional style detergents.

They are available in selected supermarkets or can be ordered online at the website where you can also win a year's supply!

Disolve 12 pack is £2.99 and a 24 pack is £5.49 RRP.
Available in Unscented, Fresh Linen or Lavender varieties.


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