Friday, 31 August 2012

Beko 8kg Washing Machine

Laundry is a necessary chore made much more difficult when you have a big family that includes both a  messy toddler and a fashion conscious teenager! My previous old washing machine struggled to keep up with the pressure and latterly sounded like it was trying to spin bricks rather than clothing.  So when Appliances Online offered to send me a Beko 8kg Washing Machine, it couldn't have come at a better or more appreciated time.

The delivery was organised and I was kept informed right up until it arrived.  The delivery guys were great and unpackaged the machine, gave me a few pointers and took away all the packaging.  Unfortunately they couldn't fit the new machine as my old one was hard wired into the wall.  However, Ian was able to remove our old washing machine and plumb in the new one easily and we were ready to go!

laundry, washing machine
The Beko 8kg Washing Machine

I was really impressed with the look of the machine.  The programs are clearly displayed around the dial on the front of the machine and a digital display shows the details of the chosen program.  Spins per minute, temperature and times are clearly shown on the LCD screen.  Adjustments can be made to further tailor the program to suit your washing needs.  The 8kg drum is really spacious and large enough to accommodate my family's laundry demands.

My favourite thing about the Beko washing Machine is the Daily Quick program which washes a full 8kg load of washing in just 28 minutes.  This has revolutionized my laundry!  I can now do three loads of laundry in the time it took to do just one load.  When the kids are back at school I'll be able to get their uniforms washed and hung out to dry on the Friday night, leaving my weekend free from laundry chores.  More time to have family fun!!

Another program is the Xpress Super Short which washes 2kg of washing in just 14 minutes.  So if your teenager suddenly decides they want a particular outfit for an evening out, you have time to run it through the wash.  This will avert any laundry related emergency!

The washing cycle is quiet even when spinning, which is really noticeable given that my last machine was so very noisy.  It is a joy to not have my washing machine drown out the sound of my TV.

The Beko 8kg Washing Machine has an A+++ rating making it really energy efficient.  This saves on both water and electricity, which will also save me money in the long run!  Used in conjunction with the 28 minute wash cycle this is a really economical answer to doing laundry.

The Beko 8kg Washing Machine is a great value machine that is perfect for larger families.  It is energy efficient, well built, economical, quiet and has a large capacity.  I really can't recommend this washing machine enough!  It costs under £300 and is packed with useful features to make laundry less of a chore.

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