Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Amazing Olympic Adventure Part 2

After a fantastic first day in London, experiencing the Roux Restaurant and the Beach Volleyball, we were looking forward to our second day of our BMW Olympic experience.  After a 6am start and a quick buffet breakfast in the restaurant, we boarded our coach to head out to Wentworth Golf and Country Club.

We were met by the incredibly attentive staff who gave us goodie bags, booked us in for our spa treatment and gave us coffee and pastries.  We had a tour of the place and then Ella and I headed for the pool.  I embraced my inner Rebecca Adlington and swam a few lengths, burning off the breakfast I had previously enjoyed!  Afterwards I had a manicure and a rest in the Relaxation Room.

From here we went for yet another incredible meal in the very posh banqueting room which was decorated with fantastically adorned portraits and chandeliers.  The displays of food which were being served were themselves like works of art!  The ice sculptures and platters of  fabulous looking foods were so impressive.  We were instrumental in introducing the joys of the quintessentially British Sticky Toffee Pudding with clotted cream to the two lovely Korean guys from BMW in Italy, whom we befriended!  It was a real hit with them and it was so delicious!  We got to hold the prestigious PGA Championship golf trophy which BMW sponsors.  I'm not a big golf fan but even I recognised the likes of Nick Faldo and other golfers whose names are engraved on the trophy!

Olympics, London 2012

We headed from Wentworth straight to the Olympic Park.  Just seeing the incredible stadium gave us goosebumps and made us proud to be British!  We went through the security which was really efficient.  We loved the verges planted with meadow flowers and the attention to detail that had gone into the design of every element of the venue.

BMW are sponsors of the games, providing the official vehicles used.  London 2012 is the most sustainable Olympics ever held and BMW are the most sustainable car company, making them perfect partners.  They have a big display of their cars at the Olympic venue which we looked round, seeing the new innovative environmentally friendly vehicles.

Olympics, BMW

We simply had to go to the biggest McDonald's in the UK and have a McFlurry which we enjoyed whilst sat in the sunshine, watching the myriad of people of all nationalities meandering around.  The atmosphere was incredible.  News of Murray's gold medal began to spread and soon everyone was cheering at the great news of yet another gold for Team GB.  We went to the BMW Hospitality Lounge where we were treated to more incredible food...Fennel and Tomato Gratin with a number of fabulous salads, followed by a lovely strawberry and raspberry tart.  We got to meet Olympic gold medallist (and very handsome rower) James Cracknell who spoke to us about his own experiences, adventures and future goals.

The highlight of the day was of course the Athletics session that was to include the 100m finals with the awesome Usain Bolt.  We had the most brilliant tickets (the face value of them was a jaw dropping £725 each!)  Our seats were directly in front of the medal podium about half way along the 100m track.  Perfect!  Walking into the stadium was unbelievable.  I felt so emotional seeing all the people, the Olympic Flame burning and the sheer scale of the arena.  The first event of the night was the medal presentation for the Long Jump which had been won by Greg Rutherford.  Hearing our national anthem sung by thousands of people made me actually cry!   We also saw Mo Farrah pick up his gold medal.  We quickly realised that sat a few seats behind us were the young Royals...Kate, Wills and Harry!  We were a bit excited....however seeing Tony and Cherie Blair just a few seats away wasn't quite as thrilling by comparison!

Will, Kate, Harry
We were sat in front of the Royals!!

BMW have a team of remote control mini cars that are used to fetch the javelins, hammers, shotputs and discuses back from where they are thrown in the competition.  We were impressed that BMW had managed to get themselves centre stage in the field events.

We were treated to some incredible displays of sporting excellence.  The women's 400m hurdles, men's 3000m steeplechase, women's triple jump, men's high jump, men's 400m semi-finals, men's hammer and of course the men's 100m semi-final and final!

Olympics, London 2012

We had the best view and it was truly exciting.  The silence of 80,000 people waiting for the starter's gun to go off for the 100m final followed by the deafening roar as Usain Bolt strode into the lead in a race that broke Olympic records as the fastest final, with 7 runners finishing with a sub 10 second time, is something I will remember forever.  History was made right there!

Perhaps the most moving moment for us was witnessing double amputee Oscar Pistorius make Olympic history by competing in the 400m semi-finals.  We've followed the career of the Paralympian dubbed the "Blade Runner" for years, as he has fought for the right to compete in the Olympics.  Watching him running was awe inspiring.  The man is an inspiration and a true sporting legend, breaking down barriers for the future.  I felt so honoured being there.

Paralympics, Blade Runner
Blade Runner....Oscar Pistorius

The whole experience from the moment we arrived in London has been a real once in a lifetime affair.  Being there, being a part of something so historic has made me proud to British.  Watching the inspirational sportsmen and women in action is so exciting.  I am loving the Olympics!

Thank you so much to * for the opportunity and BMW for the hospitality.  I can't imagine having a better Olympic Experience!

Ella and I Enjoying London 2012

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