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Neverland Film Review


 “"A rollicking family adventure" TV Times


Step back in time to when the greatest story of all began, as Neverland arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on May 28, 2012 courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Featuring a stellar British cast including Rhys Ifans (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 1), Anna Friel (Limitless), Charles Dance (Going Postal) and the voice of Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean) as Tinker Bell this production also sees the return of Bob Hoskins to the role of Smee, a part he made famous in Steven Spielberg’s Hook.

Originally broadcast on Sky this magical adventure marks the beginning of the Peter Pan story and introduces Peter (Charlie Rowe), a happy-go-lucky orphan who makes a living by pick pocketing alongside his pals on the streets of London and lining the pockets of ringleader James Hook (Ifans).

When Hook is charged with a particularly lucrative job - stealing a mysterious orb from an antiques shop - he involves his lads, but things go awry when the orb is dropped and the entire gang is transported into a distant world the locals call ‘Neverland’.

On arrival the newcomers quickly realize they are not alone, and when confronted by a hoard of swashbuckling pirates led by Captain Bonny (Friel), a tribe of Native Americans and a swarm of tree spirits, allegiances are formed and the group is torn apart. Will any of them ever return to London?

Introducing The Lost Boys, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, The Indians, a hungry crocodile and Neverland itself, this is an adventure for all the family. Neverland on Blu-ray and DVD also includes exclusive interviews with the cast, a look behind the scenes and a making-of featurette.

What We Thought...

Neverland is an action packed adventure which serves as a prequel to the Peter Pan story.  With stunning special effects and an all star cast, this production is an ideal family film.  The idea behind the Utopian Neverland, as explained by the enigmatic Mr Flood (played by Charles Dance) is brilliant.  The subsequent destruction of that dream is a sad (and all too recognisable) indictment of humanity.  

The characters of Hook and Peter and the relationship between them drives the plot.  The back story adds a whole new angle to a much loved tale explaining the presence of the pirates and the 'injuns' and introduces Tinkerbell as a beautiful tree sprite.  I loved the explanation for why Peter could fly and watching him learn to master this new and much coveted skill was a great scene.

The DVD ends as Peter and the Lost Boys' adventures begin and with Hook hell bent on revenge.  It left us wanting more!!  

Neverland Blu-ray and DVD Details
Release date:                    28 May 2012
Running time:                    240 minutes
Cert:                                      PG                                                                         
Price (Blu-ray):                 £24.99                  
Price (DVD):                       £19.99                                         

Blu-ray & DVD Special Features:
  • Theatrical version
  • Cast Interviews
  • Neverland Where It All Began Featurette
  • Neverland Access All Areas Featurette


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