Thursday, 17 May 2012

Food For Thought...Veggie Prawn Biryani

When people hear that I am a vegetarian, they usually ask how I can live without bacon.  The answer to that is easy, I do not miss bacon at all.  It never really did it for me...all that rind, fat and gristly bits just put me off. However, prawns are another matter.  I really miss prawns.

Most other meat products have a veggie alternative thanks to Quorn and soya, but no such alternative existed for prawns.  So imagine my joy when shopping at Tesco at the weekend when I saw Linda McCartney had brought out new meat-free King Prawns!!  (I lead a very sheltered life, I'm sure most normal people wouldn't react with such euphoria at the prospect of TVP prawns!!)

So last night, prawns were once again on the menu, making a Biryani using leftover rice from the night before.

vegetarian, prawns, curry, Linda McCartney


2 onions chopped
2 cloves of garlic crushed
8 oz mushrooms chopped
Tablespoon of curry paste
Tablespoon oil
Pack of meat-free King Prawns
Cooked Basmati rice
Handful of frozen peas

Fry the onion in the curry paste and oil in a wok type pan.  Add the mushrooms and garlic and cook until tender.  
Microwave the cooked rice until hot (safety first!) then add to the spicy vegetable mix, throw in the peas.
Meanwhile fry the frozen meat free prawns in a little oil for 15 minutes then add to the rice mix.  
Cook through and serve with a vegetable curry sauce.

The meat-free prawns are really a lot like how I remember prawns...fishy and a little bit rubbery textured.  Spookily prawn like (from what I can remember!)  Another option for my veggie cookery!

Linda McCartney, prawns

I'll continue to post my favourite family recipes in my Food For Thought posts, sharing the vegetarian love!


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