Thursday, 31 May 2012

Warburton's Naan Bread

Authentic Indian Naans From Warburtons

I love curry and all the accompaniments that go with it.  However, it is sometimes difficult to find restaurant quality sundries straight off the supermarket shelf.  That is until Warburtons launched their new Naan breads!  Soft with a light bubbly texture, these square naan breads are available in plain and garlic flavours.

naan bread, Indian, Warburtons

The Garlic Naan comes with a sachet of garlic infused oil that you drizzle over prior to cooking.  Use as much or as little as you like depending on your taste.

Warburtons, naan bread

Pop into the oven to heat through for 2-4 minutes and enjoy some really delicious Naan bread fresh from the oven.

Warburtons, naan bread

They can be served with curry or you can get inventive and top them with favourite toppings.  How about spinach curry and paneer for a twist on traditional pizza?  Or cut it half and fill with a tasty filling like Quorn Tikka!  You can even tear and share to dip into mango chutney or raita!

bread, bakery, Warburtons

We enjoyed sampling the Warburtons Naan, served with a lentil curry and rice.  Everyone was impressed, especially little Freddy who chomped down on his naan bread with gusto!  They are definitely some of the best quality and nicest tasting that I've had from a supermarket brand.  They were nice and doughy with a bubbly texture.  I really liked the garlic infused oil which added a gorgeous flavour.  Definitely one for the weekly shopping list!


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