Friday, 11 May 2012

They're Getting Sporty in Smurf Land!

Schleich's Smurfs Celebrate London 2012 By Getting Sporty!

Everyone is getting excited about this summer's major sporting event, the London 2012 Olympics and that includes the Smurfs who are joining in with the fun!  Schleich have introduced ten new Smurf characters to their collection, who are all taking part in different sporting events such as swimming, weightlifting and javelin.  One is even proudly sporting a gold medal!  (Here's hoping GB will be winning plenty of those come summer!)

As with all Schleich figures, the Smurf Sports characters have intricate detail and are beautifully made.  They are great collectibles aimed at children aged 8-12 years old (although loved by all ages) and are a fun way to celebrate sporting success!

Smurfs, sports, Olympics

Just take a look at this selection of Sporty Smurfs we received, ready for sporting glory this summer. Each stands approximately 5-6cm tall.

Olympics, relay, Schleich, smurfs

Smurfette is running in the Relay and is ready to pass on her golden baton as quick as a flash.  

Olympics, Schleich, Smurfs

Shotputter Smurf is going for gold and hoping for a personal best. Such concentration!

swimming, Olympics, Schleich, Smurfs

Swimmer Smurf is on the starting blocks ready to make a splash!

Smurfs, Olypics, Schleich

Weightlifting Smurf is going blue in the face as he lifts the weights.  Just look at that effort!

Any Smurfs fans will love these latest additions to the Smurf collection.  They are a fun way to celebrate sport and inspire youngsters to get active, just like they do in Smurfland!!

See the full range and find out more at


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