Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hojiblanca Olive Oil...Now You're Cooking!

Single Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I recently took part in a blind Olive Oil Taste Challenge.  I was sent two small bottles of oil labelled A & B,  one a high quality single blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the other a blended oil.  I was surprised by just how different they were.  One bottle A had a rich green colour, a fresh fragrance and a fruity taste.  The other, B, was pale and smelt and tasted of absolutely nothing!  By my powers of deduction (!!) I worked out that A was the high quality oil and as a reward have been sent a full bottle to try out!

Hojiblanca Olive Oil

The oil I tested was Hojiblanca, made using a single variety of olive from carefully managed groves in Andalusia Spain, ensuring exceptional quality and taste.  The sign of the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive oil is low acidity, and at just 0.3% acidity, Hojiblanca is amongst the best quality oils you could find.

Now available in the UK, Hojiblanca promises to revolutionize how we cook with olive oil.  It is not just an oil it is an ingredient!  It is stable up to 210 degrees so it can be used for cooking without losing any taste or goodness.  This adds flavour to what you roast or pan fry, improving its taste with a luxurious twist.  It is equally good for drizzling, making marinades or dipping with its green, ripe olive flavour with hints of fruit and a subtle sweet  finish.  It can even be used as an ingredient for baking adding a unique texture and taste.

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Rich in nutrients, Hojiblanca offers a wide range of health benefits as part of a balanced diet.  It can help lower cholesterol and protect your heart from disease associated with consuming saturated fats. It also contains vitamin E, carotenoids, polyphenols and anti-inflammatory agents.

Hojiblanca costs £3.49 for a 500ml bottle which makes it an affordable luxury, and similarly priced to inferior refined oils.  It is available in Tesco stores nationwide.

So it is time to say 'Adios' to your ordinary blended oils and 'Hola' to Hojiblanca!


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