Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Let Your Children Create-A-World

Creative Play For Boys and Girls with Create-a-World

As a child, one of my favourite toys was Fuzzy Felt which consisted of a board onto which cut-out felt shapes could be stuck.  I used to get a new one every Christmas and excitedly waited for the newest themed set to add to my collection.  I have very fond memories of my Fuzzy Felt.  I was therefore very excited to see that the concept has been brought bang up to date in the exciting soft imagination game Create-a-World  from Simply Good.

Freddy was a very eager and willing volunteer to have a play with the Create-a-World set with an additional ABC kit  sent to us from White Step....and I was equally eager and willing to join him in a fun creative play session!

The large felt board can be wall mounted or used on the floor or on a table as a base for your child's creativity.  Colourful, hand-made felt pieces can be easily stuck, removed and moved around to create a unique scene.  Animals, fairy tale characters, bugs, vehicles, roads and people are among the 60+ playing pieces, which allow the child's imagination to run wild.  The additional ABC set includes 51 colourful handmade letters, each featuring an object or animal that begins with the letter it is printed on.  This creates an even richer creative experience, allowing young children to discover the alphabet and spell out simple words.

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Create a World
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Lovely Letters

Playing with the set encourages children to express themselves in many different ways with art, storytelling and imaginative role play.  Language, problem solving and number skills can be developed.  The letters allow  early phonics and letter recognition.  Concentration levels can be improved. And all this learning is cunningly disguised as play!!

The best way to demonstrate the Create-A-World playset with the additional ABC kit is in a video.   So here is Freddy playing with his new favourite toy!

Other noteable features are that the Create-a-World set comes in a handy bag making it easy to tidy away and perfect for taking on holiday.  It is a mess free creative scissors, glue or paint required.  Everything can be packed away quickly and cleanly.  So it can really be played with anywhere and anytime. It is all beautifully made and will grow with your child.  Older children can use the pieces to play out stories or could even use them in stop-animation.  They are a great educational resource.

The Create-a-World with the ABC set is available from for £58.95.


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