Monday, 28 May 2012

Flip 'n' Tip Fred...Wow!

Perfect Present Ideas For Pre-Schoolers

We are huge fans of Wow Toys.  No other toy is as robust and toddler friendly in our opinion.  Daddy puts Wow toys as his number one brand that he wished he'd had when he was a boy.  He loves how much 'play' they can withstand, and the fact that they care friction driven and have so many features to explore really impresses him.  

Our little boy Freddy's third birthday is fast approaching, and he was sent a Flip 'n' Tip Fred by the lovely folk from Wow.  It really is a perfect birthday gift for him.  Not only do they share the same name, but Flip 'n' Tip Fred will be joining Freddy's much loved and played with Wow collection.


Flip 'n' Tip Fred is a recycling truck complete with three bins and a boy and girl recycling team.  The chunky truck has lots of lovely play features.  A front bucket scoops up bins and a clicking lever tips them into the back of the truck.  A clicking, side door slides open to empty them out again.  The three recycling bins fit into sections, each with a matching picture to help sort the rubbish.  A handle then flips them into the rear.  Friction power drives the vehicle with a realistic engine sound and a revolving waste crusher spins round, all adding to the fun.

Wow, Fred
Flip 'n' Tip Fred

The truck is suitable for children aged 18 months and over and the developmental benefits grow with your child.  From early motor skills and sensory development through to role play and exploration, Wow Toys deliver fabulous play value at every stage.  With a Great British design, the Flip 'n' Tip Fred truck is colourful with a friendly face, a perfect addition to any toy box.

Wow, toddler toys
Sorting the Recycling

Like all Wow toys no batteries are required which is great, saving money and keeping things simple!   They can be played with straight from the box.  The green theme of this toy also allows you to teach little ones about recycling.  Freddy loves pretending to pick up the bins and empty them into his truck.  He recognises the green waste, the paper and the bottle recycling from the images on the bin lids and on the corresponding sections on the truck.  It encourages vocabulary and discussion about green issues from a very young age, which is a really positive thing.  The recycling team are dressed in outfits with a logo on the back that Freddy studies with great interest!  It is nice to see both a boy and girl figure included.

Wow, Fred
Wow People!

The truck is perfectly sized for small hands and everything is designed for little ones to use independently.  There is nothing fiddly or frustrating about playing with a toy from Wow!

Wow, recycling
Perfect for Little Hands

Yet again, we are completely impressed by Wow!  Freddy absolutely loves this toy.  He explores every lever, door, handle and wheel.  He pops the people in and out, acting out scenes and engaging in imaginative play.  He loves how he can push it along using it's friction power, and that it is strong enough to scoop other toys out of the way with its bucket. 

Wow, truck, toddler toys
Fun With Fred!!

Flip 'n' Tip Fred is one of the wonderful range of Wow Toys available for girls and boys.  Check out the website at and discover a world of toys that don't break their promises!


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