Wednesday, 23 May 2012

We're So Impressed With The Nintendo 3DS

 Gaming in 3D With The Nintendo 3DS

Kizzy is one happy little girl.  After years of coveting a Nintendo DS, she has finally got her hands on the bang up to date, super entertainment system, the Nintendo 3DS thanks to the lovely people at Nintendo.  Being the proud user of the Nintendo 3DS means Kizzy can do games reviews and try out the features of the Nintendo 3DS and report back here on the blog.

The Nintendo 3DS is a smart looking, compact hand held gaming and entertainment system.  The integrated battery and base unit makes re-charging the 3DS a doddle.  Simply plug the base in and once the 3DS is charged you are ready to go with its range of built in features.

Nintendo, console, 3DS
Nintendo's Latest hand Held Entertainment System

The Nintendo 3DS opens up to reveal two screens.  The top screen can be viewed in 2D or 3D using a sliding switch on the side of the screen.  You can change the depth of the 3D or play games in crisp 2D.  You don't need glasses to achieve the 3D effect meaning you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. The bottom is a touch screen that is used to control the game play using a stylus or your finger.

Nintendo, 3DS, console
Nintendo 3DS...The e-Shop
The Nintendo e-shop gives you quick and easy access to hundreds of downloadable games and videos.  You can even watch films via Netflix, perfect for entertaining the kids on the go.  There is even the opportunity to download exclusive weekly episodes of Shaun the Sheep that kids will love, including a special episode that includes Nintendo's own famous plumber Mario!

Nintendo, 3DS, Mii
My Mii Character...Looks Just Like Me!!
One of the many built -in features of the Nintendo 3DS is the Mii Maker software allowing you to create yourself, family and friends as Mii avatars.  You can use Street Pass Mii Plaza to interact with other players.  Kizzy has made our family in Mii form!  I think mine is very accurate!  The Mii characters show up from time to time and can be used with special AR cards that bring them to life.

Face Raiders is a massively addictive game that uses a photo of your face to create a flying character that you then shoot down as it flies around your room.  It is so clever and a little bit spooky seeing your own face in a game.  The technology still astounds me!!

3DS, Nintendo, console
Playing on the Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS includes a camera allowing you to take 3D photos by using two outward facing lenses.  You can then use fun filters to have fun with your photos and make an eye-popping gallery of snaps!  AR cards add an amazing interactive element to your entertainment with augmented reality gaming technology! Special cards are included with the 3DS which, when viewed through the camera spring characters to life before your eyes on screen, as if they were really there in front of you.  It's just so clever!  You can also make your own 3D videos using the camera.  This is great for stop-motion animation projects.

Mario 3D,. Nintendo, 3DS
Mario on the Nintendo 3DS
There are masses of games to play on the Nintendo 3DS.  It is back compatible with previous consoles which is something that I think is really impressive. Many Nintendo favourites such as Mario, Kid Icarus, Pokemon and Zelda are all available in games that can be played in stunning 3D.

The Nintendo 3DS has wireless internet access allowing you to browse the web anywhere with wifi.  Keep up with social media, search for games tips or upload photos on the go!  This console is connected!

This is just the start of us exploring the features and functions of the Nintendo 3DS.  We are looking forward to testing out the two games we have, Kid Icarus Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land.  (Reviews to follow!)   We are also excited about exploring all the free content that is regularly updated and can be downloaded to the Nintendo 3DS.  More on this to come!

All of us have enjoyed trying out the Nintendo 3DS and we've only used a fraction of the potential of this exciting entertainment system.  There is so much more fun to be had and so many games of Face Raider to be played.

*Stop Press...Nintendo 3DS For The Jubilee*

Patriotic Gamers can prepare themselves for the Queen's Jubilee (and in time for the London 2012 Olympics), with a Nintendo 3DS available in the royal colours of red, white and blue.  It offers a unique way to capture all of your Jubilee celebrations in 3D.  You can experience this momentous occasion of the Jubilee in full 3D without the need for special glasses. The full glory of the Jubilee pageantry can be captured on the Nintendo 3DS video recorder and watched back on the console to relive the memories in amazing 3D.  It's easy to get online when you’re out and about by using one of thousands of WiFi hotspots available free to Nintendo 3DS users across the UK/Europe and you can send notes and drawings to your friends via Letter Box, a delightful messaging feature on the Nintendo 3DS.  So wherever you are for the Jubilee weekend you can stay connected and be entertained with a Nintendo 3DS!


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