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Tips To Smarten Up Your Home With Rug Doctor

With the long weekend on its way we’re all thinking of ways to refresh and tidy our homes in time for the Queen’s Jubilee, which is why Rug Doctor has come up with some top DIY tips on how you can get your house in order in time for the royal rendezvous!

To give your home the red carpet treatment have a look at the tips below and choose the few you want to tackle- you’ll have your home fit for a  queen in no time!

  1. Get your trusted  tools ready
Start as you mean to go on and make sure you’ve got everything you need for your DIY extravaganza. We mean dust sheets, hammer and nails, bin liners and masking tape… and lots of cups of tea too!

  1.  Find a prince or princess  to lend a hand
DIY often requires two pairs of hands so call on a partner or friend to lend a hand with the heavy lifting or holding a ladder

  1. Honour your paint brush
Adding a splash of colour to your walls can help create a majestic finish to any room. Prep is key when it comes to painting so clear the area and make sure you fill in any cracks before you dip your brush.  

  1. Pay tribute to your walls
Try adding wallpaper to the wall behind your bed for that real wow-factor! A bold retro print is a thumbs up this season.

  1. Make your carpets fit for the Queen
Hire a Rug Doctor to deep clean your carpets, stairs, upholstery and mattress making them look, feel and smell as good as new.  A Rug Doctor was actually supplied to Buckingham Palace some years ago!

For spots and stains you can try the Rug Doctor Spot & Stain Remover.   I was sent one to try out.   Suitable for both carpets and upholstery, it removes food, beverage and greasy spills.  With a toddler in the house the amount of food spills, muddy footprints and crayon marks we discover are way above the national average!!  Just a generous spray and a rub with a paper towel helps lift the stains.   Blotting the cleaner into the stain pushes it deeply into the carpet pile or upholstery fabric for a thorough cleaning.  A quick rinse and a blot dry leaves the treated area looking much cleaner!   Staying on top of stains caused by spilled orange juice, melted ice lolly and over squeezed tomato sauce helps keep rugs and carpets looking smart and clean!  It's even wool friendly and pet safe.  Keeping a Spot & Stain Remover on hand is definitely a good idea with kids in the house!!  It's just £2.99 for a 500ml trigger bottle.

carpet cleaner, rug doctor
Keep On Hand To Tackle Spills and Spots!

  1. Revitalise your throne
Uplift your living room by cleaning your sofa using Rug Doctor Upholstery cleaner and the hand tool kit that comes with every machine rental.

  1. Frame your own royal family
Create a photo wall to really transform the appearance of a room; try using different styles and sizes of frames with all your favourite family photos to make a great focal point.

  1. Have Jubilee worthy drapes
Change your usual heavyweight curtains for a pair of light or sheer ones to ooze summer style in your home.

  1. Don’t forget to refresh the royal entrance too
It’s the first thing your guests will see, so strip, prime and paint your front door giving your home a welcoming entrance.

  1.  Royal seal of approval
Add some fresh flowers to your newly decorated space for that final seal of approval.

For more information on how to deep clean with Rug Doctor go to

For more information on how to deep clean with Rug Doctor please go to


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