Friday, 4 May 2012

Little Charley Bear on DVD

Little Charley Bear Goes on Safari

On May 7th, Little Charley Bear comes to DVD, and what's more, it comes complete with a free Charley toy!  The 50 minute DVD features eight exciting episodes which will delight fans of the CBeebies pre-school series that is narrated by James Corden (star of Gavin & Stacey).

Charley and his friends embark on a voyage of discovery as they set off on a series of magical adventures.  In these latest imaginative journeys, Charley pretends to be different animals but doesn't know what noises they make.  To find out, he sets off on a safari expedition with his friends.  Charley ends up acting like a crazy monkey, gets chased by a snappy shark, tries not to wake up a grumpy tiger and discovers a Charleysaurus dinosaur in the jungle!


  • Charley on Safari
  • The Charleysaurus
  • Monkeying With Midge
  • Charley Snaps
  • Castaway Charley
  • Sandcastle For Caramel 
  • Bear At Sea
  • Under Water Explorer Charley
Little Charley Bear unleashes a child's imagination as they join Charley in his adventures.  After all it does tell us:  "It's amazing what you can do with your imagination!"

Pre-schoolers will love exploring their own imagination, inspiring discovery and creativity.  Just as Charley uses his imagination to go on exciting make believe adventures, so can his fans, engaging in active role play.

Corden's narration provides guidance and advice to Charley, while he keeps a watchful eye over his friend.  Although Charley doesn't speak, he conveys his feelings and thoughts through his actions and little ones will enjoy the gentle comedy and understand his emotions.

We love Little Charley Bear!  Add this title to your toddlers' DVD collection...available in store and online on May 7th, priced at £12.99 which includes the little toddler size plastic Charley Bear toy!

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