Thursday, 31 May 2012

School Run Style By Joe Browns

My Outfit For The School Run Style Blogger Challenge

As a mum of five children aged between 3 and 24, I've already done almost 19 years worth of school runs with a further 15 years worth still ahead of me!  That is a lot of my life given over to the twice daily trip to and from the kids' various schools!

Generally speaking, I pull on my school run uniform of jeans, Uggs and a black hoodie before dashing around after my kids in a noble attempt to get them to the school gates on time.  My 'inner fashionista' has been put on hold as I have negotiated school bags, packed lunches, uniforms and early morning tantrums (some of which are mine!)

How I dream of encapsulating that effortless and understated style that I see adopted by women influenced by the growing trends worn by the Celebrity Mum.  These Yummy Mummy converts stand outside the school gates waving goodbye to their little darlings...while I do the drive by, stop and drop!

Joe Browns are encouraging Mummy Bloggers to take a look at their website for inspiration to come up with our own school run style.  I have always loved Joe Browns clothes.  The hippy chic floral prints, the quirky tees and the surfer style summer wear are all so funky and stylish.  When the brochure arrives I pore through every page and create a wish list that I'll never get to buy.  (I'm afraid Mummy's desires come last in a long list of things we need as a family of seven!)  However it does not stop me from dreaming.

Below is my perfect school run outfit.  Practical yet feminine, focusing on a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched with other items, I love this combination which would look great...and definitely not mumsy!  The styling is not a million miles away from my usual preferences, but everything is so much more girly, fresh and eyecatching.   Although I've chosen subtle colouring I'd stand out and not blend in, with the contrasting shades of blue working together with the touches of floral (without falling into the trap of becoming an overdressed older lady!!)

Joe Browns, style, clothing
My School Run Style

Awesome Fit Jeans will go with anything and as they come in a 34" inside leg, even someone like me who is 6" tall, will not have to worry about having trouser legs that look like they have argued with their shoes.  The fact that these are 'awesome' fitting jeans suggests that they would be so much more flattering than my current pair of ill fitting jeans which always result in me looking like a builder within half an hour of wearing them.

I love the Ditsy Delight Vest which comes with a matching scarf to accessorize the outfit.  The subtle floral print is completely on trend and has a Bohemian feel that is perfect for the summer.  It is feminine but not fussy.  Its length hides a multitude of figure sins and would make me feel confident (comfortably covering the overstretched skin on my belly following five pregnancies!)  The scarf could be used with other outfits making it a really versatile accessory.

Joe Browns

The gorgeous floral Espadrille Pumps are perfect summer shoes.  Easy to wear, cute, feminine, stylish and comfortable.  These 'girls' shoes' would make me feel so pretty!!  They are also sensible flats...essential when chasing after my three year old when he makes a break for freedom across the school playground!

The Remarkable Coat defies convention.  With asymmetrical hemlines and funky detail stitching, this coat is really unique.  The polka dot inner will add a splash of colour.  I love the belt-up style.  It's casual enough for everyday wear, but could be dressed up for a night out.  Gorgeous and funky!

Joe Browns

The Essential Denim Bag has a 60s style retro look and an original mock padlock fastener.  It is a casual and relaxed bag that can be used for holding all your essential mummy bits and bobs.  A stylish way to keep everything to hand whilst on the school run!  (Bribery snacks, toddler toys, baby wipes and a packet of paracetamol are all essentials!) 

So this is my entry into the School Run Style outfit that is true to me and my needs but that would make me feel more feminine than frumpy and is pretty but still practical!  Love it!!

Check out to find your school run style.


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