Thursday, 28 May 2015

Who Would You Invite To Your Ultimate Dinner Party?

We must have all dreamt about hosting the ultimate dinner party with famous guests, scintillating conversation and fabulous food. I know I certainly have!

There would be a vegetarian and vegan banquet served for my guests, something that would delight and surprise even the most voracious of meat eaters around the table, introducing my guests to a whole new way of eating that is not restrictive, but is instead inspiring and imaginative. There would be desserts and cakes to die for, and a selection of wines to complement each course. Of course, I would have a chef and waiters, so I could sit down and enjoy my ultimate dinner party rather than be slaving over a hot stove all day long.

Invited to my party, would be a group of famous people who I would hopefully find both entertaining and engaging (and who wouldn't be bored dining with a commoner like me!)

Shonda Rhimes:

I have always been someone who gets on better with men than women, finding men so much easier to relate to than females. I have never personally felt less than a comparable male in terms of pay, position or power at any point in my life. I have never felt suppressed by the patriarchy. The very vocal, and often quite extreme, self-serving feminist movement that takes up a big chunk of my Newsfeed, has never spoken to me or for me.

Then along comes Shonda Rhimes: the writer of Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey's Anatomy. She is an amazing woman who has created some amazingly strong, dynamic, complex, beautiful and empowered women's roles, changing the perception of females in TV and beyond. Not only does she write superbly thought-provoking and entertaining dramas, she has given a voice to diversity, pushing boundaries and redefining how society views minorities. Her intelligence, passion, creativity and humility, make her a woman that I utterly admire and respect, who endorses an equality based on merit and never held back by skin colour, gender or sexuality. This is the type of feminism that I can get behind.

I imagine she would be incredible, yet maybe slightly intimidating, delivering incredible speeches just like the ones that she writes for her fictional characters. What an amazing dinner party guest she would be!

Chris Pratt

When it comes to Hollywood A listers, there is no-one who seems quite as 'human' as Chris Pratt. He seems cute, humble, funny, self-effacing and utterly adorable. From his role in Parks and Rec to his action hero role in Jurassic World, his personality seems to shine through and I have such a major crush on him. I'm sure he would be hilarious, sending himself up and making everyone laugh.

He appears to be a real family man, an attribute that I find really attractive. I'd love to discuss our kids and chuckle over family anecdotes. It's lovely to see someone so successful that still has such solid core he could tell me all about working with Velociraptors!

Kurt Cobain

I'd evoke the Ultimate Dinner Party rule that you can invite anyone dead or alive to send an invite to the afterlife, to get the Nirvana lead singer to my dinner party. As a member of the 27 Club and someone whose death has been shrouded by theories of conspiracy and inconsistencies, I would love to hear the truth about what really happened to him. For a man who shunned fame, he has been martyred and has massively inspired the evolution of modern music. I'd love to hear about how he felt about his legacy in his own words.

As Nirvana would feature on my dinner party playlist, I'm sure I could convince him to pull out his guitar and perform for us. Come as You Are would be my track of choice. I don't imagine Kurt Cobain would be the most upbeat of party guests, but his dark, macabre sense of humour, his artistic vision and his status as one of the most iconic rock musicians in the history of alternative music would make him a fascinating person.


So the food, the music and the playlist is all decided. All that's left would be the washing up (not by hand though...I'd definitely be throwing them into the dishwasher and using some Finish dishwasher tablets for this clean up. No dirty drinking glasses or greasy dishes to deal with in the morning.)

dishwasher, Finish
I received some Finish products to try out.

Who would you invite to your ultimate dinner party?


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