Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Enjoy the scent of summer with Yankee Candle

Imagine the heady scent of fresh, sweet white coconut touched by a warming, salty sea breeze and your mind is instantly transported to a tropical paradise. With Yankee Candle's Coconut Bay scented jar candle, you are treated to this evocative fragrance every time you light it. Your room will be filled with a light scent, that is gently sweet and refreshing.

The large jar (RRP £19.99) lasts for more than 110 hours. It is perfect for bringing the scent of summer into your home, even if it is grey outside.

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I love having a Yankee Candle Jar burning on my windowsill in my living room. The flickering flame and the gorgeous fragrance really are a lovely addition to the ambiance of my home.

Yankee Candle have so many gorgeous scents. One of the latest ranges is the brand new Cafe Culture, featuring the fragrance of freshly baked, cinnamon scented Pain au Raisin, sweet caramelised apple and vanilla Tarte Tatin and rich chocolate and coffee fragranced Cappuccino Truffle. They have all the luxurious smells of a classy coffee shop, enjoyed from your own home. What's more, sniffing them is calorie free!

candle, fragrance, cafe culture

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