Thursday, 7 May 2015

Freddy has Learned to Read with Everybody Learns

Our free trial of the Lexia Core 5 reading program from Everybody Learns has sadly come to an end. In the three months that Freddy has been using it, he has averaged about 100 minutes a week online. I have been kept regularly updated on his progress and he has been rewarded with certificates for completing the levels, that he has proudly taken in to show his class teacher.

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When Freddy started the program he was not making good progress with his reading. A combination of being a summer born baby, having difficulty with his eyesight and generally being a reluctant learner meant that by the end of reception he had not reached the first level of attainment and had emerging skills only.

This was not a true representation of the smart, bright, eloquent, curious and thoughtful child that my son is. 

Having access to this program allowed me to support my son's learning, reinforcing the phonics sessions he was doing at school.  The progress made on his skills was really noticeable. Even his class teacher remarked on the fact that it seemed to be coming together for Freddy. Consequently, he has virtually caught up to his peers and is holding his own, rather than lagging behind. This is a huge relief to me.

By the end of his trial Freddy could read sentences, recognise sight words and use phonics to decode and write words independently. He also showed a good understanding of vocabulary and comprehension.

I was so impressed by his progress. The course helped build new skills and consolidated them with plenty of practice, moving on only when the skill had been mastered. This complemented what he was doing at school and helped build his confidence. The fun animations unlocked as a reward for completing the levels kept Freddy fully engaged and enjoying the learning process.

As Freddy approaches the Government's Year 1 phonics test, I hope the extra work he has done at home will help him get through it, so he can start Year 2 in a good position, and not from behind.

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Find out more about this reading course at: You can also let your child complete a free reading quiz and receive the test results via email with advice on improving your child's progress.


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