Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Traditional Italian Chocolates from Bonieri

Receiving a box of beautifully and elegantly packaged chocolates from Bonieri could not have happened at a better time. About to celebrate my eighteenth anniversary with my husband Ian, the chocolates gave us a wonderfully indulgent, quality treat to enjoy along with a glass of red wine over the weekend. Perfect!

Italian chocolate

Bonieri are speciality chocolates from Turin in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. These top quality chocolates have recently launched into Selfridges and are also stocked in the chocolate room in Harrods. They are also available in the Bonieri online shop.

Bonieri showcases recipes using the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut - gianduiotti, cremini, gianduja - all rich, velvet smooth pralines, made using traditional recipes and processes.


The Delice is a combination of a single toasted hazelnut enrobed in velvet smooth hazelnut praline, coated in crisp dark chocolate shell. They are individually wrapped in foil wrappers and presented in a bag tied with a ribbon. They are rich and creamy, with a lovely nutty flavour and are dairy free.

A 100g ribboned bag is £6.95.

Italian chocolates

Bella Box Caffe

The beautifully presented Bella boxes contain a selection of fine Italian chocolates. They are tied with a ribbon and deliver real luxury, making them a wonderful gift idea. The Caffe box contains a deluxe selection of gianduja pralines flavoured with coffee. Each box contains smooth coffee flavoured Cremini, rich traditional Gianduiotti and the decadent Gemme, with an edible coffee bean on top. The individually foiled chocolates make a wonderful treat for lovers of coffee and chocolate (that'd be me then!)  The selection is dairy free.

The 170g box is £17.95.

Italian Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Hazelnut Nougat

The handcrafted aromatic hazelnut nougat is made by hand using a recipe dating back to 1883. It contains aromatic Millefiori honey and Piedmont hazelnuts, giving a balance of sweetness and earthiness. It has a uniquely crumbly texture and is coated in dark chocolate. Each individual piece is wrapped for freshness. They are lovely!

A 250g ribboned bag is £14.95.

italian chocolates

Gianduja Spread

This fusion of freshly ground Piedmont hazelnuts and smooth chocolate cream has been awarded a gold star in the Great Taste Awards 2014. It's easy to see why! The smooth, nutty, chocolatey spread is rich and creamy and can be enjoyed in so many ways. A spoonful straight from the jar is an utter indulgence. Otherwise, you can serve it spread on biscuits, on pancakes, topped on cupcakes or with fruit or ice cream. It can be used in recipes or added to hot chocolate. It is a chocolate spread for grown ups!

A 200g jar is £8.95.

Italian Chocolates

You can discover the full range of Bonieri Traditional Italian Chocolates on the website:


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