Friday, 22 May 2015

JCB 5CX Eco Backhoe Loader - toy review

"I'm Fred I'm 5 and my dad's Bruce Lee, Drives me around in his JCB."

Freddy, like lots of other young children, loves trucks, cars and diggers. There is something that holds kids spellbound, when faced with a big, impressive vehicle. JCB is a brand that ticks all the boxes when it comes to delighting digger loving children. The iconic yellow colour and the totally cool designs lend themselves perfectly to firing up a child's imagination.

JCB has a range of brilliant kids' toys, scaling down the designs of their full size vehicles making them the right size for some fun and constructive play! Freddy used to love his My 1st JCB toys when he was younger. The cute, chunky vehicles were just right for him when he was a pre-schooler with a penchant for imaginative play and funny characters such as Joey JCB and Doug Dump Truck. Nowadays, he enjoys playing with more grown up toys, taking an interest in how things work and what they can do.

Freddy received an awesome large size, die cast JCB model of a 5CX Backhoe Loader. This is the classic vehicle that I think of when I think of 'diggers'.

The 1:16 scale JCB 5CX eco Backhoe Loader from Bruder Toys, has a fully functional front loader and backhoe with a tilting and locking bucket. It has a fully functional rear bucket with 2 outriggers for stability. There is a swivelling driver's seat and opening rear window, as well as an off-road front axle and rolling wheels with authentic rubber tread tyres. The attention to detail is brilliant - it is just like a mini version of the real thing.

One great feature is the steering wheel extender that is located in the base of the digger. Through an aperture in the top of the cab, the extender connects with the steering wheel and sticks out of the roof, allowing the vehicle to be steered as you move it along. It really adds to the fun of this toy. The buckets can scoop up objects and drop them where required.

With its fuctionality, this toy isn't just for looking at, it's for playing with! And that is exactly what Freddy did with it!  Whether indoors or outdoors, this is a great fully functional vehicle, which is just like the real thing.

Dad Ian and Grandad Stan both loved this toy. It definitely brought out their inner little boys as they marvelled at the mechanics and the authenticity of the design. They both thought it was incredibly realistic and impressive.

The Bruder Toys  JCB 5CX Backhoe Loader model retails for £39.99 and is available from Amazon.


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