Monday, 11 May 2015

Discovering Clementoni Toys - Crazy Chic Nail Salon and Archeofun

Clementoni is a leading European toy brand, and both Kizzy and Freddy have been lucky enough to each try something from their brilliant range. With toys suitable from birth to 13,200 piece puzzles suitable for adults, they have an extensive selection, incorporating educational toys for young learners, creative toys, Disney toys, baby toys, electronic toys and a huge selection of puzzles.

Crazy Chic - My Beauty World Nail Salon

Anyone who enjoys make-up and beauty will love this nail salon set. It includes three bottles of nail varnish along with nail file, adhesive jewels, 3D stickers and glitter to customise the look. There is also a removable, handy nail polish hand dryer to speed up the drying process.

Everything fits into a work station, keeping it all safe and together. The full colour instruction booklet gives tips and ideas for funky manicures, and there are plenty of contents in the set for using time and time again.

Kizzy and her friend Georgia had some creative fun designing looks for each other using the nail varnish and the accessories.  It is a lovely set for girls to practice their varnishing skills and explore their own unique style.

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Science & Play Archeofun - T-Rex and Triceratops

Freddy is learning all about dinosaurs in school for this term's project. He is really interested in this subject matter so when he received this Science and Play 2 in 1 Archeofun set he could not wait to get started.

The set contains two plaster blocks inside which are the 'bones' of two dinosaurs, a T-rex and a Triceratops. Using the hammer and chisel, children can play at being archaeologists and chip away at the plaster to reveal the bones inside, which are then gently removed. Once excavated and cleaned, they can be attached together to create two fantastic, glow in the dark dinosaur skeleton models.

Freddy absolutely loved chipping away at the plaster block and was thrilled to find the bones hidden inside. We started off indoors with a tray, but he generated a lot of mess with his over zealous hammering so we moved outdoors to continue the process. The instructions suggest laying down newspaper, but we didn't have any. I'd definitely recommend that or plastic sheeting because it does create a lot of thick, white dust.

It took him quite a while to find and remove all the bones, but he was persistent with the job in hand and really enjoyed the whole process of unearthing his skeleton. It's a great introduction to palaeontology for children.

The models are really lovely in their own right. They fit together nicely and are quite sturdy. Freddy took them into school for Show & Tell as he was excited to share his excitement with his classmates.

I really liked that this set not only had the fun of excavating the bones, it also then allowed Freddy to build the models, which are now on display in his bedroom. The set also includes some dinosaur fact cards and an informative instruction booklet, which explains about fossils, giving some scientific background to the toy.

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