Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Build An Electric Stunt Buggy - Review

Technokits are exciting technology based craft kits for kids, designed to promote a practical knowledge of electrical and mechanical principles delivered in a fun way. The Technokits consist of interlocking pieces of pre-cut card, which build into a model upon which the other components are added. The fully functional model is easy to assemble without any glue or mess.

We received a Technokit Electric Stunt Buggy kit from to try out. The kit contained almost every needed to complete the project including the die cut panels to build the buggy, along with axles, pulleys, inserts, an electric motor and mount, foam wheels, drive band, battery box and a set of instructions. All you need to add is two AA batteries.

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The kit is for children aged eight and over, but as Kizzy wasn't feeling well, six year old Freddy stood in to help, along with daddy who loves making anything technical.

The instructions were clearly laid out and the pieces fitted together well, with a little bit of effort, just like a 3D puzzle. The component parts were easily added onto the body of the buggy. Ian said he could have definitely completed the model when he was 8, as he has always been good at building things and playing with electronics. Other kids may need some adult supervision and assistance. Freddy was able to help with some of the jobs and learned about electric motors and how the drive band makes the back wheels turn.


The finished buggy is surprisingly sturdy and runs really well on a flat surface. It does wheelies, zooming along on its back wheels making it quite an impressive toy car in its own right. Our buggy was built using the printed side of the cardboard pieces, but you can make it inside out, having customised the plain side of the pieces first, to create your own unique design. Kids can get as colourful and creative as they like, making their own unique and bespoke design.

interplayuk, technokit

At £9.99 this is a good buy, giving kids a kit that enables them to build a fully operational stunt buggy toy. It develops their modelling skills and teaches the STEM subjects in a practical and enjoyable way. It's a great gift idea for kids or even for dads! I really like the idea that it is two toys in one, a modelling kit, which builds into a really cool toy stunt car to play with.

Find out more on the InterplayUK website.


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