Tuesday, 19 May 2015

This is the way we wash our hands

Hand washing is one of the most important and yet one of the simplest things we can do to protect our family from germs. It is the first line of defence against the spread of many nasty diseases from the common cold to flu to hepatitis A.

For this reason it is really important to teach our children the importance of hand washing.  Freddy's class at school did some lessons on hygiene where he learned all about germs and about how to effectively wash his hands. This has made him so much keener to wash his hands before eating, after playing outside and after going to the toilet.

Hand washing for children really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1: Wet hands under running water and rub soap all over hands, not forgetting between the fingers, for at least the count of 30.
2: Rinse away the soap thoroughly using warm water.
3: Dry hands using a clean towel.

For adults, hand washing is equally important, especially when cooking or preparing food, and some foods can leave your hands smelly, such as garlic, which is hard to shift.

Using the right hand soap is important. Choosing an antibacterial soap can help kill germs effectively when washing hands. Soap dispensers can be a good investment and the novelty of having squirty soap can be a good encouragement for children to wash their hands. Dettol do a great refillable No-Touch Hand Wash System that dispenses a measure of liquid soap into your hand when detected by the sensor. We received one to test out. As it is a no-touch system it never comes into contact with bacteria keeping it hygienically clean. The liquid soap is effective against food smells too, making it perfect for kitchen use. We tried one out and it works really well. The citrus soap is antibacterial and moisturising with a lemony fragrance.  You can switch the sensor off so you don't accidentally dispense soap every time you get near it!

Dettol, handwashing

Keeping kitchen counters and work surfaces clean and germ free is also really important to maintain a hygienic home. Using an anti-bacterial surface cleanser or antibacterial wipes, is a quick and convenient way of keeping the kitchen free from harmful germs and the spread of illnesses in the home. Dettol's Antibacterial Power and Pure Sprays kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including E coli, salmonella, MRSA and flu viruses, while leaving no harsh chemical residue behind.

Following these basic rules on hand washing really can help protect the family from the spread of germs and potentially harmful illnesses.



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