Friday, 15 May 2015

Getting My Feet Ready for Summer

With today's weather being so lovely, I can almost believe that summer really isn't too far away. This means that it will soon be time to put away my winter boots and get out my sandals. This also means that I will once again be exposing my feet to the world!

Feet are such a sorely neglected part of the body for most of the year, hidden away under socks or tights, kept in the dark and taken for granted. Getting my feet summer ready gives me the excuse to indulge myself with some DIY pedicures and paint my toe nails in some colourful nail polish. Then like some shy creature, crawling out from its hibernation spot, my feet will emerge ready for the summer sandal season ahead.

Scholl have a great foot care  range, which is just perfect for preparing poor, tired feet for their seasonal debut. From smoothing off callouses to soothing aching party feet to freshening up smelly shoes, Scholl really do have it covered.

foot care, pedicure

I received some Scholl goodies to try out and it was almost like I could hear my feet breathe a sigh of relief. At 46, my feet have endured more than four and a half decades of everyday abuse. Factor in the time spent in my teens when I squeezed my poor toes into inappropriately shaped winklepicker 80's style stilettos, and it's no surprise that I suffer with a few foot related issues.

Armed with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and a bottle of Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum, I embarked on a session of pure foot loving indulgence. After all, my hard working feet deserve their own beauty regime and a chance to shine.

pedicure, callous removal

The Express Pedi comes complete with batteries so I was ready for action straight away. Using lightly applied pressure and even movements, you can use the spinning, diamond crystal exfoliating roller to gently remove dry skin from the foot, leaving the feet feeling smoother and softer. Judging by the amount of dead, skin dust I generated, this is a really effective, painless, quick and easy tool for removing all those ugly areas of dry skin. It is an excellent gadget and one that will receive regular use in my battle for beautiful feet.

Express Pedi, Scholl

Afterwards, I applied the thick, jelly-like Velvet Smooth Intense Serum to my feet. It felt lovely, soaking in and adding to the smoothness of my newly exfoliated feet. What a nice feeling it is to feel so soft and smooth in the foot department!

foot care, pedicure

An application of red nail varnish is such a confidence boost and looks so pretty when wearing some peep toed summer footwear!

With a spring in my step and feeling smooth footed, I am now officially ready to get my toes out wherever and whenever this summer. So at the pool, on the beach, running barefoot through the grass or when wearing a pair of flip flops, my feet are summer ready and looking as pretty as a pair of 46 year old feet can!



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