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The Beach Book - fun things to do at the seaside

Loads of things to do at lakes, rivers and the seaside

Whether you find yourself at the seaside, by a lake or beside a river, The Beach Book is packed full of ideas for exciting and innovative things to do. There are lots of tried and tested activities for all year round, whatever the weather, suitable for all the family to enjoy.

The book aims to encourage 'wild' time for children where they can play freely in nature, exploring their environment and connecting with the outdoors in a fun and practical way. Spending time outdoors as a family and discovering the wonders of the natural world, is a great recipe for health and happiness!

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All the activities are clearly explained and each suggestion comes with numerous ideas based on the theme. There are lots of full colour photographs and the text is easy to follow. You can follow the instructions, or use the ideas to inspire yourselves to do or make something memorable while out and about. 

There are imaginative ideas that take building sandcastles to a whole new level. With designs for castles and fortifications to try, and hints such as using picnic rubbish as moulds, you will soon be creating masterpieces on the beach. Or how about making a giant pair of crazy sand shoes to stick your feet in? They'd create a great photo opportunity.

There are projects such as cook outs and ways to light up the beach, perfect for summer parties. Ideas for games such as ball runs, beach skittles or following treasure maps will keep little ones busy and having fun. Hints for rock pooling allow children to discover the creatures of the sea, whilst respecting them and their environment. There are ideas for making kites and windsocks and also for making sailing boats to float in the water. Little ones can let their imagination run wild as they make footprints in the sand or search for their own sea monster.

The Beach Book

The section on beach pictures has lots of ideas for using the natural materials that litter the beach to create pieces of natural art. Seaweed, driftwood, pebbles, rocks and shells can be used to make all manner of designs. We really like the idea of working together to make a big picture and then leaving it behind for others to enjoy until the tide comes in and washes it all away.

The Beach Book

We had our on go at making a piece of beach art whilst on holiday in Wales.  It was great fun using different shaped and sized rocks along with dried seaweed to create a picture of our family. Everyone got to join in as we challenged each person to create somebody else. Preserving it as a photograph means we get to remember it forever. (I love my seaweed hair!)

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This really is a lovely book, the latest title in a series of similar books from the authors encouraging families to enjoy the outdoors together in a creative and fun way, nurturing an appreciation and love for the environment. It is perfect for packing when going away on holiday, ensuring there is never a dull moment at the beach.

Loads of things to do at lakes, rivers and the seaside.
Frances Lincoln Ltd Publishers
By Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield
Price: £9.99
Paperback and eBook
Publication date: 2nd June 2015


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