Friday, 15 May 2015

Dino Time Film Review

Dinosaur mad, adventure loving Ernie has a list-loving, controlling and overprotective mum, whose rules he is constantly trying to bend, getting him into some trouble along the way!

Ernie, his tag along, tale telling sister Julia and best friend Max soon end up in some major prehistoric trouble when they accidentally activate a time machine by spilling soda on the controls and get sent 65 million years back in time right into the middle of a nest of dinosaur eggs. Thankfully, they are accepted by mummy T-Rex Tyra as family and not food. She looks after motherless dinosaurs and takes the kids in as her own. Meanwhile, the evil Sarco Brothers are looking to destroy Tyra and take over the Upper Valley where she lives. This leads to a 'Di-Normous' adventure.

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Ernie's mum and Max's inventor dad work together on their rescue plan (with the help from a little message from the past) and join forces with the children to help save the day and defeat the evil Sarco brothers before they are all history! Everyone learns something about themselves during their prehistoric adventure: Ernie realises the importance of honesty and thinking of others, while his mum learns to let go a little.

Dino Time is nicely illustrated with quirky characters. There is some great dialogue from the dinosaurs that appear in addition to the main characters. the film boasts an all star cast with Melanie Griffiths, Stephen and William Baldwin and Jane Lynch among the voice talents. There are some exciting animated sequences and some scenes featuring mild peril during the adventure, which kept Freddy on the edge of his seat. He also loved the humour and giggled his way through some scenes (the farting creature was quite predictably a big hit and raised a full on belly laugh!) Dodger was his favourite character and the very last scene of the film, featuring this cheeky, little dinosaur, made Freddy give out a little cheer!


Dino Time comes to cinemas from May 22nd, 2015 and DVD and digital platforms from June 1st, 2015 courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

Certificate PG
Running time 86 minutes


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