Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Greener Spring Cleaning with Astonish

I am a big fan of Astonish products for greener cleaning all year round, including the big spring clean.  Astonish is a British brand, with a strong emphasis on cruelty free, environmentally friendly and ethical production. The products are certified vegan and come in recyclable packaging. And as if those credentials weren't enough, the products are also really, really effective. In fact the Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaner is my favourite cleaning product ever - I use it for so much more than just cleaning the hob or oven.

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I received a selection of Astonish products so I could have a green spring clean.

Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover 

When unslightly mould and mildew grows in damp places, this spray can kill the spores and prevent regrowth, working in just 2 minutes. It works well in the bathroom on areas of fresh growth, keeping the horrible black spots away. Unfortunately nothing can shift the black mould that has grown into my silicon sealant around my shower, but for the mould on the tiles and on the plastic shower door it does a good job. I've used it on walls, window surrounds and on the ceiling with good results.

Astonish Bathroom Cleaner

Limescale, soap scum and stains can be removed using this trigger spray bottle of cleaner. It is effective on chrome, taps and shower heads. It works pretty well and doesn't have the harsh, chemical smell of other products. It gave a good shine to my taps and spruces up the shower unit. This is a useful everyday spray to keep limescale at bay or for removing light build up.

Astonish Kitchen Cleaner

Cutting through kitchen grease and grime, this fresh fragranced spray leaves no residue. The spray on, wipe off formula works on tiles, work tops and other surfaces. It is a good everyday cleaner to keep surfaces fresh and clean. It works well to keep surfaces clean and is a good everyday product.

Astonish Window & Glass Cleaner

This formula, which contains vinegar, does a great job on windows and also on mirrors. It leaves a lovely, clear finish without smudges. It is really easy to use and keeps greasy finger prints at bay. It is easy to use and wipes off to a good shine. I also use this on my glass TV shelving unit to remove Freddy's sticky finger marks. It really does clean it up nicely.

Astonish Floor Cleaner

For cleaning floors and repelling dirt, this Lime and Bergamot formula is really good. It leaves floors clean, lifting dirt and grime and smells pleasant. It is good for both our tiled kitchen floor and for our laminate flooring. I also use it neat on a cloth if I find something sticky and gross that the kids have dropped on the floor and not told me about! It is good for getting up dried on splodges of food.

Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaner

For enamel, porcelain, ovens, cookware, plastics, glass, tiles, chrome and metal, this is a super effective deep cleanser. It lifts stains out really well, working when other cleaners let you down. I find it absolutely brilliant for getting rid of water marks and for removing limescale from sinks and baths. I've also removed Sharpie Marker from a table using a bit of this paste on a cloth. It is also brilliant for removing the brown stains from stainless steel sinks and for shifting rust marks made from leaving tins on the work surface by the sink or in the bathroom. It is also excellent for cleaning the surrounds on my uPVC window frames. I have also used it to clean the burnt on greasy build up on my oven's glass door, something that no spray can touch. With a good cloth and a bit of elbow grease, I made it look like new, buffing it up after rinsing away the residue.

oven cleaning, green cleaning

I cannot praise this product enough, it has so many uses and it is my go-to cleaning product when I see a stain that sprays won't shift. The slightly abrasive formula really is a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning things other products struggle with.  Every home should have a pot!

The Astonish products really are great quality and brilliant value, delivering good results and a perfect finish. You can buy them online with an RRP of £2 but many are available for just £1 each in Poundland and so buying a selection of products to carry out a spring clean needn't be expensive. Plus, by choosing Astonish you are being kinder to the planet. 


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