Friday, 6 December 2013

What Fred Said

What Fred said when he was dressing up:

"I'm Ella the Cowboy and I'm a naughty cowboy who is also Darth Vader's girlfriend."

Cowboy ella
"What Fred said about the human brain:

"The brain helps us speak and controls all the other parts of the body like feet.  It says to them "Hey feet, hey feet - move?"

What Fred said about themed birthday parties and missing the point of his superhero party:

F: Birthday parties are all about a person.
Me: Yes, they are someone's special day so your birthday was all about you.
F: No, it wasn't about me, it was about another person.  My birthday was for Captain America.

What Fred said to Nana while she was pretending that his woollen toy snake was real:

Nana:  "Ooh Freddy can I see your snake I've never seen one like that before!"

Freddy:  (who stopped dead in his tracks to stop and stare at his Nan before replying in an utterly deadpan way)   "Yes you have Nana - YOU knitted it!!"

Tonight was Freddy's school disco and Santa was there.  All week Freddy has been saying that he was scared of Santa and didn't like how he looked and that he wouldn't ever talk to him.  Last year Freddy had a bit of a traumatic Santa visit meltdown and ended up throwing his present across the grotto in disgust! So embarrassing!   He obviously hasn't quite got over the experience! I thought that this wasn't boding too well for the planned Christmas festivities that we had coming up this year.  He was quite stressful about it all, poor thing.

However, Freddy did go to see Santa at the disco and even had a chat with him. He was actually quite taken with him!  He proudly told me that he promised Santa that he would leave him out a mince pie and some carrots for his reindeer.  Freddy said that for Christmas he just wanted a game that he could play with his daddy.   He declared that he loved him now!

Santa gave him a Cadbury's selection box, which Freddy brought home and immediately divided out among his sisters, Ian and I.  What a cutie!  I think the spirit of Christmas is finally alive and well in my boy. Roll on the festivities!!

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