Wednesday, 4 December 2013

RED-i Micro Camcorder Review

If your kids are anything like mine, they will constantly be borrowing your gadgets.  Kizzy in particular is very keen on borrowing my Flip to make little films to upload to YouTube.  This is all well and good until these videos involve her doing something overtly physical like riding a bike or playing in a playground with a camcorder in her hand.  So when I was sent a RED-i Micro Camcorder to review, I breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that my camcorder would no longer have to suffer the demands of a highly active 11 year old video maker!

The RED-i is a small camcorder that can be attached to clothing with a rear clip or to a bike, helmet or scooter using the protective rubberised case. It has two handy hooks so you can hang it or secure it onto most things and have it with you at all times.  It has a 120 minute recording time and is compatible with micro SD cards (not included).  The charging time is just 30 minutes.  It comes with a USB cable for charging and downloading footage and has an internal microphone. It is both Windows and Mac compatible.  Video resolution is 730 x 480 HP.


With the RED-i kids can capture and download video footage in a compact, go-anywhere format.  The small device is robust and can be attached to almost anything to record live action.  It's perfect for adventurous kids who want to make videos of being out and about.  Attach it to a helmet and film your antics on a scooter, skateboard or bike from your own viewpoint.  Put it on your clothing and go on a walk through the woods.  Or use it to make your own vlogs on the go.

The RED-i is light, versatile and a fully functional gadget for kids aged 8 and over to use whenever and wherever they are.  It's a great way to encourage kids to become budding film makers, recording snippets of their activities in a fun way.  Kizzy is really interested in film making and I know this gadget will be of great use. She can pop it in her pocket and literally be able to film whatever she wants during her day.


It's small and light and the clip and case give it a versatility to deal with filming in most terrains. Priced at £29.99 from Argos this is a great gift Christmas idea for a gadget mad kid or a sporty kid who enjoys scooters, skateboards and bikes and wants to become a YouTube sensation with their extreme action films! Also great for budding vloggers who want to capture video footage wherever they are.  It saves kids having to borrow our smartphones or camcorders to video their latest stunts, which to me is a big plus factor!


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