Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Video from Santa from PNP- Portable North Pole

Make Christmas Magic

It's become somewhat of a Christmas tradition in our house to make a message from Santa for the kids using the Portable North Pole service.  It is so simple to create a personalised video for your child from the big man himself, featuring your child's name, details and a photo.  The standard video is FREE to make, but you can opt for a Premium video for £2.99 which features more from Santa and his elves and includes up to five extra images in an extra exclusive video sequence. The videos can be viewed online as often as you wish during the Christmas period or downloaded to keep for an extra charge.

There are lots of packages and merchandise also available to buy.  We were given the Jingle Bell Bundle to try out which costs £4.99.  It includes the Premium Video, a personalised telephone call from Santa and a bonus Christmas Eve video message for your child.

I made the Premium video for Freddy.  I was able to add photos of holidays and family members, personalise details about Freddy, add friends' names to books on Santa's shelves and choose between various video options to tailor the video perfectly for my son. The result is a lovely 6 minute video featuring Santa and his cute little elves as they check to see whether Freddy is on the 'Nice' list this year.  It is wonderful!  The sets, costumes and acting are spot on, and I love the ingenious use of Santa's beard, which covers his mouth, to allow for him to say the personalised bits without have to worry about the lip synch!


In addition to this, there is a phone call from Santa that I have personalised with Freddy's details, which is waiting to be made on Christmas Eve. Plus there is the Christmas Eve message, live from Santa's sleigh, telling Freddy that he needs to get to sleep so Santa can come and deliver his presents.  Excellent way to get the boy in bed!

I am really impressed with the service and the beautiful digital products.  You can also purchase a range of gifts such as a 'Nice' list certificate or a letter from Santa to be delivered to your door.  5% of all money spent goes to help local children's hospitals.  So you get to give a little to charity as you spend.

I really like that the videos encourage children to try hard and be good.  Freddy's video tells him to try his best at school, which is a great message for my little schoolboy. You can tailor videos for 'naughty' children or ones who are caught between the naughty and nice lists, to remind them to be on their best behaviour.

Portable North Pole

You can get 20% off digital products in the PNP store valid until 1st January using code:

Try PNP for yourself with a FREE or Premium video message for your child.  You won't regret it!!


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